Want To Go Big On Your Show Boat? NOS NOSkid!


Interlux NOSKID compound

You thought hunting down the original manufacture of zippers was a tad extreme a while back, and maybe painting your bilge in NOS Chris Craft Bilge paint was a tad wonks. BUT, this.. this can of NOS Noskid Interlux stuff could take you into the hall of fame of into the weeds man.

Like little flakes of plastic trophys and mashed up!

Imaging the conversation with the judges on your little planks in your outboard, when you say, oh, even the non skid material in New Old Stock! BAM, drop the mike. walk away and just go right to the award show and grab your trophy.YOU CAN BUY IT HERE ON EBAY

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    • Shep22
      Shep22 says:

      Better get to Mount Dora this year as Palm Gardens property is in receivership so it’s future could be in doubt!!

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