Warm Sausage – Dang, 70 Degree’s Yesterday.

Another Day in the sun.

Late Saturday morning, and had a wonderful warm day yesterday working on something special, in the meantime, we have some sausage. Lots of sausage, okay mostly post cards.

Must Have for the Railway

The worst post card EVER

Albany Yacht Club.

Is the box cooler than the map light? YES

Now that is a cool sign

Indian Lake Ohio

The back of the Indian lake Card

NEED! But dang that is ONE spensive tach! YIKES

One bad ass cool Asrito Craft


Sunsets in VA

Another boring post card

Well, that skyline has changed

Now a no wake zone.

LOVE THIS. back when we didnt need 500hp4 wheel drive trucks and fancy ramps. Khakis up to the neck. PERFECT. You know he smells like an old pipe

Matthews Martinique in black! OH HELL YA

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  1. Wayne Bomb
    Wayne Bomb says:

    Matt – Wow! As a kid born and raised in Miami, the Pier 5 postcard brings back childhood memories of going to Pier 5 on Sunday afternoons and seeing the catches brought in by the fishing charters. Local vendors would then smoke and sell the fish in small snack bags along with fresh roasted peanuts. Delicious!

  2. Dan Overbeek
    Dan Overbeek says:

    I love the old fire chief’s car. I think it said Nevada on the door…certainly not from around my neck of the woods. Let me try a Matt thing here. The old station wagon with the boat on the gravel ramp…it actually is not his boat. It belongs to his wife. She wanted to go boating, he didn’t. He drove her to the ramp, but she is unloading the boat. I know it needs polishing!

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Funny: Goggle Maps does not come up with a Deadlock, Nevada. I can’t make out what the DEAD is covering.

      • RivaDella
        RivaDella says:

        How about LOVElock NV? 90 miles east of Reno on I-80.
        There used to be a Hudson dealer there………(ask me how I know……..)

  3. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I wonder where that Mathews pic was taken? It could be just about anywhere, but my first impression is Long Island Sound, NY.

    Anyone recognize that lighthouse?

  4. Darthtrader
    Darthtrader says:

    I remember taking the boat shown on the Old Point Comfort postcard up to Washington DC. The boat left Old Point Comfort and arrived in DC in the morning. There was gambling aboard! Big stuff for a little kid!

  5. Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida)
    Mark in Ohio ( today in Florida) says:

    I always love a good sausage day. I could go on and on about the post cards. The 56 Mercury station wagon is dear to my heart. We had one EXACTLY like that when I was a kid. Dad bought it new the day after I was born. I was the last of four kids. So he needed a car to haul every one and ever thing, and yes we did pull boats with it. Seeing it at the boat ramp brought back a lot of good memories.

  6. DK in TX
    DK in TX says:

    The 64 Dodge 880 wagon looks to be from Lovelock, Nevada.
    The city of Lovelock, known as the “Banana Belt”, was established in 1868 and incorporated on September 26, 1917. The city is a community of approximately 2400 people located 90 miles east of Reno alongside interstate 80.
    I’m going to leave the banana belt and Lovelock comment alone…

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