WBCDC Announces Another Gate Debate Variant, Deck Debate.

The Porch is getting closer to being done!

Okay right off the bat, we are talking about the Woody Boater Center For Design Crap. And of course have another design option that is rather subjective and well. Something to milk. Sorry.  So here it is. Wayne and I are about done with the deck, porch whatever at the Global HQ. And as usual I can’t help myself from adding a little design flair to it. And YES, I know it was charming as it was. But dangerous and YES, I know thats part of the fun of the Railway. But WTH? It’s fun to do, and keeps me from going nuts between zoom calls. 90% of the wood is from a deck Jimmy tore out that was a year or so old. So the wood was a donation to the folly.

What it was, and that yellow tarp is the wood

So whats the debate? Well. Color. Certain choices are already made.  The galvanized silver is in to pick up one of the colors of the space. Solver, with Black and Red.

Red Silver and black

I had planned on black because it picks up the fence and so on. And that works. BUT, it is also attached to the Machine Shop/ Office and thus could be red. And so thats the conundrum. Red or black? Thats it. And if I am right about the internet, we will all agree on about 50% 50% way, since only two options are asked. Oh and someone will suggest a third concept, and someone else will tell me I did it wrong, and so on. Hey! 7 comments is better than yesterdays black hole of comments.

The deck rails in Black. Artist comp. The wood will be stained darker

Or Red like the other buildings? See?

Let her rip. We got just about 20 ish days til we can all not give a crap about this stuff and GO BOATING..and eating.

This is a sketch I did. The space under the porch is for trash cans. Vintage ones BTW. It’s come to that. WTH?

$300 on ebay!!!!! WTH!!!

$200 on ebay.. WAIT? This is insane. I think I will buy the $30 ones at Tractor Supply and let age do its thing.

Of course it will need to be branded. PLEASE HELP ME FROM MYSELF


The final Gate.

One year ago

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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    They both look good but I would go black to tie into the fencing. Also, red is usually one of the worst covering paints and I would be worried that the color might not match the red n the building well unless you dump a bunch of coats on it.

    24 days until sunshine!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Clear waterproofing sealer. I don’t think a boatyard would ever want to keep up with the maintenance of paint. Or let it age naturally which would probably be the most authentic look. The Railway is already better than factory new so it’s like our boats, where do we stop improving on what was built so it doesn’t become something that never was or meant to be. Obviously I should have had less coffee this morning.

  3. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Black, complimenting the fence. Needs working port and starboard running lights on the stairs. You must have some crusty ones in the parts room that would work out there.

  4. River Rat
    River Rat says:

    Black railings and natural decking which will show dirt the least. Follow the fence. Is there going to be a Mr. B gate at top of steps?

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Red. Red. Red. And stain the deck and steps themselves, for God sakes. Yeah, you’ll need to throw a new coat on every few years, but it’ll last twice as long and won’t look like a new suburban track home. Takes an hour or two. I stained my cedar dock and everyone said why go to the trouble.

  6. Scott Wiles
    Scott Wiles says:

    Black stain. The black contrast is nice contrast and the stain will weather and age way better than paint.

  7. ART
    ART says:

    Red rails and stained deck, I think it blends much better with the red buildings. No logo on the trash cans……… that would be toooo “art”sy.

  8. Ole Olson's boat scratching service
    Ole Olson's boat scratching service says:

    If using treated lumber,it should be left plain for awhile.Put a birdfeeder on it and the birds will paint it for you.

  9. Floydrturbo
    Floydrturbo says:

    Once you paint P/T you’ll always have to repaint it. When it’s natural the most you’ll have to do is possibly reseal it if even that.

  10. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    From an architectural perspective, the porch is a distinctive design element of the elevation. Using a different color from the building emphasizes this. Therefore, imho, I would suggest you consider painting it the same color as the building.

  11. Nehmer Kid
    Nehmer Kid says:

    If it chalks off on shorts or pants what color do you want on the pants. If you lean against it in a a couple years, or rent it out for an event … what will stay neutral on cloths. Will people sit on the top railing? Just a thought

  12. Mike D
    Mike D says:

    I agree with leaving it weather naturally, since I don’t have any way near the amount of time and energy you have to repaint it every couple years like mentioned above. Treated lumber is a great advantage for longevity but it does not hold paint. How about using a thin coat of a stain and let the grain show thru?

  13. Troy in ANE headed to FLA soon!
    Troy in ANE headed to FLA soon! says:

    You are starting to get BOOOOOORING!!

    Make the porch HOT PINK and get a new Neon sign!

    Should bring a little controversy to Reedville.

  14. Chad
    Chad says:

    I wouldn’t paint treated lumber at all. Paint scuffs, scratches and chips after years of abuse. Seasonal expansion and shrinking will also crack paint. Re-sealing it every couple years is much easier than re-painting it. Plus, as the years of paint layers build up, the treated lumber will rot.

    I made that mistake once. I have a 20 year old, natural deck that is in better shape than my 10 year old painted deck.

    I’m not very smart but I’m incredibly lazy.

  15. Charity
    Charity says:

    Yeah, the paint thing seems like adding to a LOT of future maintenance. How do those paints weather?
    Keep it simple.

  16. Project name: Algonad
    Project name: Algonad says:

    I’ll agree with Chad, leave it natural. Let it age naturally. It will look like a deck. Save your creativity for the shuffleboard court design on top. By the way, it’s going to be 85F again today in central Florida. 85F, sunny, and humid. It’s been that way for a while now. What are you guys waiting for?

  17. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    Let it silver, like age, go natural. I am guessing it is not cedar, what do they use in the east, Pine? Treated lumber does not take paint well, it doesn’t soak in, plus you have to keep painting it. I’m not smart but sure am lazy!

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