We All Have Inherited Woody Boats, Let Them Shine

Pure art.

I have often referred to this quote from one of the greatest Creative Directors on the planet, Lee Clow. Many may not know him, but you surely know his work, after all it’s shaped your dreams for decades.  And the central spirit of my career.  Okay, the quote ” Throughout history, the technology always comes first. It’s just technology for a while, until the day we artists inherit it.”

Framing not needed – Using your art is part of the art.

That one thought, is beyond inspirational, and if you take a left turn, and look at the world of power boating and with the passing of Chris Smith, it all comes to a crashing turning point. The debate is OVER, your Woody Boat is no longer a boat. Period, end of sentence and claim. Your Woody Boat in any shape is a work of art. Period, end of claim. joke all you want. It’s Art, and yes, our beloved Art Armstrong  is art as well.

Perfect, dont touch a thing

And when I say in any shape, I mean a pile of wood or restored. It’s art. And you my friend are either an artist, or patron of the arts. Art can creep into your life in so many ways, even choosing the color shirt you wear. Embrace it, and don’t think for a second you are being soft of flaky as a pool of testosterone for feeling it. After all even the baddest ass guys on the planet, use art, Just don’t tell them its art.

So what does this mean for your art boat. Here are ten things

  1. Owning a Woody boat is never going to be rational ever again.
  2.  Restoring one is to be done and paid for like you would buying a work of art. Because it moves you.
  3. It’s Okay if your Woody Work Of Art Sits in the boathouse and looks great or crappy. Its all part of a painting.
  4. Know that, you are literally living and playing IN art, and others are experiencing that from outside the art you are in.. Ya, you can read that in many strange ways. Sorry Art, To be clear. NOT THAT ART.

    Art with Art of now his art.

  5. When you go out on the water, you are part of a photo, painting or experience for others to appreciate, your boat and you make the landscape human and give it perspective.
  6. Color and texture play a critical role in everything. Embrace your inner Martha Stewart, even Snoop does!
  7. Follow your “feelings” Let your emotional side take over when you are with your boat. Let it go.
  8. Follow your senses, use your nose, ears and heart. Your nose may save your life, your ears can keep her alive, and your heart will be soothed.

    Lift and sniff

  9. Your Woody Boats Spirit is often as important to keep alive, don’t ignore it, become friends with it. After all if you got the Mona Lisa, would you change it? Don’t answer that. Her bottom is fine.
  10. You no longer own your Woody Boat, you are a caretaker for future generations.

Exhibit A

There ya have it, I am sure there are more, and a debate will go on and on. But thats where we are in boating history.

STAY TUNED FOR LAST GASP WEEK, NEXT WEEK! Document your Last Run before you put your art back in her Gallery. NEXT WEEK !


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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Wow, I guess now I have to listen to my first mate and wear a clean shirt when I go boating!
    Last gasp was least week in Michigan.

  2. River Rat
    River Rat says:

    Design is everywhere! Naval architecture has the art built into the design. Including the art of repair.

  3. ART
    ART says:

    Well Greg when you live where I live in Michigan and have a boat house full of art……..you can enjoy your Art a little longer in the fall. Molly-O is still waiting for her last showing. We will be closing the Art gallery in a few weeks .
    I think of myself as an 80 year old Artist and still able to paint……… however it’s mostly in my mind, what’s left of it.

  4. john Rothert
    john Rothert says:

    Well said Matt. I came to most of those same conclusions. That Argentine runabout you sometimes lust for is my ART for sure…rarely comes out of the shed but always appreciated when looked at.
    John in Va.

  5. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Lee Clow is brilliant. And speaks the truth. (Even though I spent my career as a creative director at his arch nemesis.) The only thing I’d add is my boat becomes even more of a work of art when it MOVES. Don’t just look at it: Use it!

  6. Jim (the Lurker)
    Jim (the Lurker) says:

    River Rat…What’s going on in your photo above with the heavy equipment next to the boat?

    • River Ratm
      River Ratm says:

      My 1957 TeeNee trailer rusted through main member, using Kubota to hold chain fall to attach to lifting ring to remove trailer. Luckily I am a mile from the boat launch and held together. I imagined it coming apart with boat skidding down the road on it’s bow stem. Catastrophe averted.

  7. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    I need to have my last gasp this weekend for Happy Hours, probably on Lake St Clair or the Clinton River. I have the others all put away now. 🙁

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