We Are Changing Our Name – Winter Boater

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Well, it may always been warm in Woody Boaterville…again.. It’s just a metaphor! But not on Lake George.. Trusty Winter Boater Kent O Smith sent us these fun shots of a water test of a nice 1934 Hacker 19′ that was custom built as a yacht tender for some fancy pants in the silk importing business in NYC. Get it, fancy pants.. silk.. silk pants.. Ugh.. It’s so pathetic when you have to point out your own jokes... Anyway… The Hacker was originally powered with a Chrysler inline six, just re-powered with modern power and it was the last water test of the season, during a snow storm, as ice was forming on the lake….19 degrees that day.

I love this site.. Folks from all over the place send the strangest stuff. This could have been a great addition to the Last gasp week. Only I think this one was way past the gasp and more like a image for death rattle week …

It’s only 62 Days til Lake Dora.. Dang! That’s not far away.. 2 months… 1,488 hours 89, 280…79…78 Mississippis  Woohoooo..

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  1. newly addicted
    newly addicted says:

    Hey Matt, what’s with the message when you pause the cursor over that gorgeous boat in the Banner “A very nice boat image but your lame computer can’\t see it?” Also, I wonder what the guy in the back did to make the other three mad and send him to rear. Maybe because he’s not wearing his long sleeve, navyblue WoodyBoater shirt like the rest. Tony

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    I don’t think the original fancy pants owner ever used her this way. Maybe if it was a sportsman model but not this. I also guess my old laptop is not lame as I can see the image. Or is there another hidden one. Hmmmmm……

  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    Oh keep looking around. I am having fun with that little feature.. They are supposed to be captions for folks whos lame ass computers cant see an image. So the copy is there. But.. If you have one of those, chances are you are not hear.. This site would be no fun with dial up..

  4. Ronald
    Ronald says:

    That is probably Alan and Faye Smiths Sea Skiff. What a great picture, but since I have a 22 Sea Skiff I am somewhat partial. Thanks for the great stories, We will be in Mt Dora also and looking forward to the warm weather, hope to see you there again.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Ronald – Thanks for commenting… I think that is Alan & Faye Smith’s Sea Skiff. We have our fingers crossed, and toes crossed hoping to do a story on them soon. Stay tuned…

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