We Got Us A Swedish X-K19 Naming Party Here Today!

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All the way from Sweden

A huge thanks to fellow Woody Boater Hakan Pettersson from Sweden for sending in photos of his time capsule XK -19.  Okay, the boat is in Sweden, was in California. Now, Haken’s got questions that some of you XKers may now how to answer. The good news is Hakan can read English, so you don’t have to write your comments in Swedish. Then again, that may be fun? Take it away Hakan.

Perfect interior

Hi fellow WoodyBoaters

I’ve bought a new boat, a XK-19 from 1971. You can from the attached pics that it’s in very good but used condition and all matching number with HIN: ORCZ 19 2042V


It has the big 350LFV HP engine with appr. 320-330 hp and no 611186.

I´m, trying to find out more of its origin from Mariners Museum but the Chris Craft section is closed due to maintenance of the building..?!

It has 740 hours on the meter and has spent its entire life on Lake Arrowhead CA in a boat storage facility.

I have some questions though and maybe you can help me out here:

– The registration number on the boat, is it traceable and what does the CF 9841 FA stand for?

– All the info I can get on the boat, previous owner, history, original spec etc

– And…it needs a name! 

Best regards, Hakan


Woohooo, we got us a naming party!


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  1. Curtis Hagstrom
    Curtis Hagstrom says:

    The name should be sweet craft 1.sweet the boat is so sweet looking 2. Craft is what is is

  2. Jeff Davey
    Jeff Davey says:

    Hi that is a later model small block chevy has the newer style valve covers and heads, with a carb is usually 260/270 hp. Looks like the exhaust manifolds are original.

  3. Don vogt
    Don vogt says:

    Gosh Matt, I thought your posts were all in Swedish ( or something like that!)

    If I lived in Sweden where its cold all the time, right?, and I had a boat like that, I would call it “California Dreamin”

  4. Greg W
    Greg W says:

    Casting numbers would tell the tale but the engine looks very correct to me. Hi-rise aluminum intake, carter carb, Z/28/LT1 style valve covers with rubber oil fill plug. These were supposedly based on the HP LT1 style architecture and very strong. Super nice boat!

  5. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    The CF number is the California registration number. You can try writing to the Department Of Motor Vehicles. 2425 First street Avenue, Sacramento, California 95818 USA. For a fee they may do a previous owner search. I have personally never tried this but they may offer this service.

  6. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    One more thought. If the boat has a Lake Arrowhead sticker on it with a number you can contact the Lake Arrowhead Association http://WWW.ala-ca.org and maybe they can help with the previous owner.

  7. Tommyholm
    Tommyholm says:

    Hej Hakan det mycket bra Boaten men Chris Craft inte min var tillverkare. Ja tycka om Volvo. Contact Secretary of State, Sacramento, CA with CF 9841 FA. Numbers issued sekventiell. Mycket tur. rida en Century Thoroughbred.

  8. Dino - KX6D
    Dino - KX6D says:

    I would think one of our ACBS members here in Southern CA would be familiar with this boat. I’d like to hear the stry of how you got it! How about a Part 2 article?!

    • don vogt
      don vogt says:

      great idea, Dino.

      Thanks, Hakan. Actually 46 F in northern idaho this am, so you have us beat!

      Don’t know if anyone warned you about tommy, the president of the Century Boat Club here in US. You know, the boats with the leaky bottoms!

  9. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    The only Swedish I know is from watching the Swedish Chef on the Muppets with my kids and Björn Borg at Wimbledon but that looks like a nice find and easy project Hakan. I think you should name it Björn Again. That probably won’t translate well but just go with it.

  10. Hakan Pettersson
    Hakan Pettersson says:

    Thanks everybody for helping me out here!
    But where are the the massive wave of name suggestions…we don’t have that kind of transom tradition here in Sweden so I’m not familiar how you find your smart and fun names on your boats? What’s is the essence in a plastic classic boats? 🙂

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