We Got Us One Big Honk’n Sausage…Sunday!

All kinds of pleasure at Captain Starn’s! Wait til you see the inside of the brochure… TEASER ALERT!

One thing is for sure, when its raining and cold out, ya gotta spend time doing something. And shopping around the interneter is always a fun filled source for story ideas. And of course on the weekends, when others are board this time of year. Whats better than a big whopping Sausage day. So without further adoo, lets get this Sausage party started. okay, wait, not that kind of sausage party. You guys are just in the gutter today!

Lets start with a nice boat ride on Clear lake

Or maybe a hand colored post card with Ink clot babes from Catalina California

Okay, NO WAY THIS WAS SHOT IN CANADA! EXPOSED! Look closely… closer.. Yup no fenders out. YA. I know.. BUSTED

U.S. A RMY is a strange name. I know there is a story to this photo.

Love me some simple matchbook art

I have NO idea why a boat is part of this all. But does it have aspestus in it?

Early Babe photos. ‘Rescue” Sure right. I think I see some skin?

Gotta love a visual pun!

Too much sausage this morning?

They sure look like they are having fun. I dont feel so good.

Vintage ebay slide! Mom!

Dad… Just a couple more inches to the right and this would be a killer photo

I cleaned this photo up. LOVE IT

Part of this will be a header one day. Illustration is great, ad is horrible, clumsy and well. A MESS

Love these.

Cool Speedboat ride post card.

Yellowstone park boat rides. Cool boat

Captain Starn’s Inside Brochure. Ya, just boat rides. Sorry, She does look like she caught a big one though. And the more we dug into Capt Starn’s, this place is Woody Boater Gold! Stay tuned. A true Atlantic City treasure. TEASER ALERT.

Best matchbook ever!

I need to start collecting these things. They are from around the Northern Neck and Chesapeak Bay.

Twin Mercs!

Well there ya go. Another wasted Sunday looking at Sausage parts. Tid bits of stories not worthy of a complete story!

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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Feeling bored and lonely? Ya might as well crack open a can of Billups’ oysters, tear off the bow match from the best match book ever, light a cigar, powder yourself up, and stare at the floor. Better Boating days are coming!

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Troy, send us more on that repower job? Looks interesting…like all such major projects. Pair of new or re done SBC’s? What boat are they for?

    John in VA

    • Troy in ANE
      Troy in ANE says:

      Hi John: Not really doing a re-power simply a refresh/reseal. Hoping we can start “hop-scotching” the loop in 2019 so I want to know everything is reliable. Having some trouble with port trans, so I figured lets GET-R-DONE. 1991 502’s with aprox. 1700 hrs.

      They are out of Band Aids, our “late classic” Formula 36PC, the boat you don’t like all that much, but Sandi LOVES her so that is what really matters.

  3. Rick
    Rick says:

    In the first picture love that there are only 5 digits for a phone number. Guess I can’t call to see it he’s still there.

  4. Steve Bunda
    Steve Bunda says:

    Nice weekend, I drove down to Ted’s to pick up the freshly rebuilt M that is going back into the 1939 barrel survivor.

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