We Interupt Todays Clayton Story Just To Hammer Home How Stunning The Thousand Islands Are.


Crank it up, put in on the big screen and then read the Clayton Trilogy again! If you want more info on River Quest Click here

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    I guess this was made during the 2 weeks of no snow and ice? Looks beautiful! DAMN YOU MATT SMITH, now I have to add another destination to my bucket list (really a 55 gallon drum at this point). Well done video. How many of the wooden boats in the video can you name?

      • cobourg-kid
        cobourg-kid says:

        Ok I accept the challenge. but I am only counting wooden boats mind you. Numbers indicate elapsed time. 1:00 ABM’s Zipper built by Staudacher Yachts beats upwind.
        1:20 Middle River Runner a 1924 26″ Hutchison Sedan. Two double cockpits accompanying it are a mystery. Possibly early Dodge water cars or 35 Chris Split cockpits?? at 1;21 A nice Lyman Joins them, and at 1:22 a Chris something noses in. At 1:24 a late 1950s Chris Craft Capri scoots by then at 1:36 a Garwood replica Triple cockpit ( I think it’s ABM’s teal) slides under the camera. At 1:31 a Lyman or Possibly a Cliffe Craft (Gananoque builder) chugs past. at 2:48 a Century resorter or a small Garwood heads down the channel. at 2:50 the two mystery boats make another appearance ( dodges?) . at 2:61 the ABM’s 1953 Chris Craft semi enclosed sedan makes an appearance could also be the Muskie , next a 60s Chris Craft Sportsman shows up and at 3;13 steamboat Galatea chuffs buy.

        How did I do?

  2. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    Awesome vid and dang, CK, you’re amazing. Now can someone name all the islands, lol. I know the TI bridge at Ivy Lea and Hill Island. Surprised there’s not more wrecks on it as the view up and down river from there is spectacular.

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