We Need More Old.


It just “feels” right

I have been struggling with this thought for some time now. There is old stuff, and then there is new stuff made to look like old stuff. Call them what you want. A Continuation, a recreation, reproduction etc. There is just something different, yet may look identical, hell, be even better. For sure better. But why do the originals have such a better “feel”? Is it the soul of the past all baked in? One could say that in a romantic way. I have, and its the simple way to explain it and get laughed at.


But I had a brain storm regarding this. Its about the search. Not the searching part. But the chance encounter, the find, the rareness of it. And that is blended with the timeless design. As in it was beautifully designed then, and still represents that time. Where as a new or a replica is a copy of that object.

A different Liberty, and very cool.

Like the statue of liberty in Las Vegas, its just junk, where as the one in NYC, is a symbol, and the ones in France are part of that symbol.

Another Liberty

This is why the original serial numbers are so important. Even if all the wood has been replaced, the boat retains is origin, and thus its soul.  Then again, this is all personal preference. And gets into the zen of things. The feeling, and so we are back to “the Feel”.

Truth is beautiful.

And here is the nail in the coffin for my argument. Look in the mirror, you are better with age, you are the truth, and your saggy gut, your wrinkles, and I don’t give a ship attitude are all part of your…you.. And could that be replicated? No. And it shouldn’t ever be.


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  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    I can say with 100% certainty that I am not better with age! I could definitely benefit from a full on restoration with all new parts. Especially better than new “replica” joints.

  2. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    wow, what IS THAT beyond the boat with the weird cushions in the first pic…looks like whitewater???

    I AM old…hoping Original Equip parts can walk the walk at Dora….Mfine and I can share a bottle of aleve.

    John in Va

    • Floydrturbo
      Floydrturbo says:

      Hey I’ll take it if you just going to let it sit there and rust LOL. Delta Rockwell made some great stuff back in the day.

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