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Husband and wife duo, Read and Julie

One click and you will be blown away. I was and am every time Read & Julie posts on Instagram. No, not a typo, his name is Read. So we can just move on from there. What Read and Julie do is AMAZING, in all caps, and even more inspiring, and heart warming. Heart warming you say? We are talking about Boston Whalers and restorations?


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YES.. It’s heart warming to know passion is ageless, talent and drive are humanities future. And FassēCo is that in spades.

Perfect to perfecter

Once again I am blown away by how detailed and artistic these boats are being done. They have literally improved on a perfect design. Like Singer Porsche’s are. If you are confused about what a Singer Porsche is. I will put the link in at the end. You may want to put on your diapers before you click on these links.


I love the design touches Read and Julie add, they embrace and enhance the original design, and are so subtle you just feel them. And that is a true art form. It’s not easy to restrain design, your ego needs to be in check, and that is a testament to who Read and Julie are.

Their work, their design is humble and thrilling all at the same time. Okay, okay, are you still reading? Why for gods sake have you not clicked on the website link by now. Reading my dribble? GO! CLICK.. For gods sake, GO, it’s Saturday, don’t you have some yard work to do. But before you do. A Message from our sponsor. Take it away June!

.. GO CLICK!!!!!!!!!! HERE FOR FassēCo

Oh ya

And Click here for Singer Porsche.

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  1. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    A great week of stories, Matt. Now I want a Whaler. And it’s SINGER! And those Porsche’s are breathtaking.

  2. Tparsons56
    Tparsons56 says:

    Years ago we had a 15’ Whaler Rage with an OMC jetdrive that was a great boat for knocking around and for the teenagers. Unfortunately while it was a great hull the engine was a POS and fried so we got rid of it. Now I wonder what FasseCo. could have done with it.

  3. Jeffrey Martinson
    Jeffrey Martinson says:

    Perfect boats for so many occasions. Like Read, you can learn to fish, ski, swim and wakeboard and just boat all from one platform.

  4. TJ
    TJ says:

    Owned a 1990 Boston Whaler 15′ Super Sport/1990 Yamaha 70hp purchased used in 1993. Owned and meticulously maintained for 26 years. Recently sold for EXACTLY what I paid for it in 1993. How’s that for resale value.

  5. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    Love Whalers! My first boat was a 1964 13′ with a 40 Johnson. I bought it the summer after 8th grade and sold it when I was graduating from college. Have a ’64 40 Johnson in the garage, just in case I find another good one… I’m not “Whaler-less” however – the tender on our Tollycraft is a 9′, that is set up with a console to sort of look like a 13′. The boat is rated for six hp. Our take on that is 1(+)5 = 6 – right? It’s fun doing 28 mph in a 9′ boat! 🙂 Love the work these guys are doing – it’s hard to improve on something that is arguably one of the best, but they are making it happen.

    • Dave Nau
      Dave Nau says:

      Brings a whole new meaning to the term “restomod”. And they are doing it to a classic fiberglass boat, but the ones that had mahogany seats and hatches. Very nicely done!

      • Dave Nau
        Dave Nau says:

        Only issue is using paint instead of gelcoat. That’s like painting mahogany, in my opinion. But it does make finishing the hull easier, as spraying gelcoat is like spraying mud, with lots of post-spray finishing and polishing needed.

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