Well, Aren’t You Gonna Be The Cats Pajamas At The Next LaTeDa ACBS Meeting Now!!


Phew, you made it down here for the story!

Today is your lucky day you Dapper Dan, cause on ebay, there is a so fine Chris Craft Tie! Thats right, I know, I can’t believe it either. There it is. Not in Barneys or Niemans, just ebay! And it has Chris Craft on it. Sewn in it so you know its high dollar stuff. Sure it made be made a bit ago, and have a little issue here or there, but thats what makes it so special.


The real deal


Its a Harvale! OK, Harvale was a 1950’s to Mid Century tie maker who made all sorts of School ties etc.


It has a hole-ish in it? Maybe this was a crash scene tie? To obscure a reference?

$100 special is a call you have to make, but you will stand out in it. Your wife may not want to be next to you, but you will stand out. Maybe were it to a big power meeting. Do people still wear ties to meetings? THEY WILL NOW. Just think, if everyone had a different brand tie. The Outboard Tie, you wear it on your back, the or the Century Tie, its all wet, or the Donzi Tie, its always blowing over your shoulder. How aboot the Ditchburn Tie, it has huge red balls on the sides? Egh.. I got more. There is the Cruiser Tie, its always on little jack stands and has a couple planks missing, or the Correct – Craft Tie, its one tie but is made of three colors, Avacado, Yellow and Orange. The Gold Flake Glastron Tie. Anyway, I think you get the idea.

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  1. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Seems like these came out about the time Dale Murray got the Chris Craft License. They had some jackets and I think shirts too with the same Chris Craft logo on them.

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