Well, It’s Official. We Have Now Covered It All. A Woody Kitchen Sink?

Classic boat SINK-1

There it is!

I am not sure what to write about anymore. Today we are done. Everything from here on in is just more of the same with no real hope to ever find anything new. You have the good folks at Marine Service Unlimited for that by the way. Here is a fun note from Tim Likasavitz

CLassic boat sink 6

We have a customer that loves the ‘ol woodies and wanted to incorporate “something” into their basement/bar remodel project. They contrast iron and wood throughout their whole project.  Because of this they came to us asking if we could design and build “something” that would blend into this iron-wood theme.  As you can see by the pics we designed and built a mahogany sink with ebony inlays.

Classic boat SINK-2

The sink looked so well with everything they decided to make it the center piece of the bar. Instead of having the sink under the counter top and hidden to guests, they brought the sink up into the counter top. Their project turned out great and the sink is a main focal point.  They also bought one of our previously made serving trays with the Century name on it.  This too is on display in their bar.  So Dave and Scott at Marine Services Unlimited are incorporating their woodworking skills for more that just boats.  They previously had their ’65 Century Resorter fully restored by us.
Marine Services Unlimited

Classic boat Sink -5

OK, maybe its not in the kitchen, so there is hope! Visit there page, they have lots of cool stuff like this on there. No sinks until now though.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    It took me a minute to get the Century reference. Like a Century the water keeps filling the sink, it doesn’t keep it out. Ah.

    • Matt
      Matt says:

      If you soak in it, does your bottom swell up? Do you have to wear a life jacket in the tub? Every time you fill it up does a bilge pump drain it? If you own it in Canada do you have to hang one of those dumb red fenders on it?

  2. Bill Hammond
    Bill Hammond says:

    My cousin who is a Finish Carpenter by trade, built a beautiful Knotty Pine Shower for my Aunt. It’s been in use for about 2 yrs. now and is doing just fine. He used Deft Bartop finish.

  3. Tim L.
    Tim L. says:

    Matt might have blogged about everything including the wooden sink. But it ain’t over until the fat wooden lady sinks.

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    I have a sinking feeling the customer sank a lot of money into that sink, resulting in sunk costs.

    There. All three tenses, well-synced.

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