What Do 24 Cylinders Sound Like?


Dear god! That’s a whole lottttttttta cylinders

Glad you asked, cause we just so happen to have an example. What are the chances of that happening. So, since its Saturday and you all will be out boating in your little 6 Cylinder engines. We thought a simple video would help rev up your day.


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Oh and yes, this is all we got, so in a way we are kinda well, stalling using a 12 Cylinder Duesenberg engine.


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A huge thanks to the Steve’s Steve Lapkin, Steve Natale and Brian Robinson for keeping us all drooling.

Okay, to be clear, I am not drooling over Steve Lapkin or Steve Natale, Just their photos, not the photo of them here, but the photos they take. Although, they are rather dapper chaps out there capturing all thats drool worthy, so Okay, ya, I am drooling on the Steve’s. Okay, wait, that sounds rather not pleasant. You know what, I am gonna just stop here. Thanks to our pals out there doing what they do best. Not that they don’t do other things well.. UGh.. GOOD BYE! Until the next story! STAY TUNED

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  1. Nehmer Kid
    Nehmer Kid says:

    You have to love Cedarville and Hessel on Days like today. No its not Tahoe, with all the long Lincoln Logs (triple cockpits) but it has a charm all to itself. Small town USA 36 islands and places to go …Pure Michigan

  2. G. Gordon Gray
    G. Gordon Gray says:

    I’ve been to Hessel’s Show, for many years. Very Enjoyable. Cedarville is a great anchorage area. Great Photo locations.

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