What To Do? What To Do?

A blank canvas.. and Wayne Bomb

Today I am gonna try and get Stinky ready for the summer and other than the mechanical assembly, a more artistic issue has presented itself. What to put on her new varnished transom. So, you get to decide. And of course because its subjective, the answer will be all over the place. But hey, I woke up late and this is what we have today.

White with a blue outline

Red outline

The all in one

Red with white outline


Just the race number, since it has the name on the side

Just the year

Here is Miss Miami and its solution. I am trying to figure out what would have been done back in the day? 

Ugh, cant see the transom

My guess is a simple white name to match the sides. It wouldnt have been too fancy for sure

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  1. Art
    Art says:

    This Art likes the Gold but I think it should be REAL gold leaf.. and put 1937 in the bottom swash….or whatever it called.

    • Brock
      Brock says:

      I agree. The rest of her is painted red, white, blue. The transom is stained so go classic gold lettering with that and I agree with the year on it also

  2. Troy in MA
    Troy in MA says:

    I think it should include a BABE like the WWII airplanes had!

    Of course it would not work well if you included the name.

    • Adam Switzer
      Adam Switzer says:

      Pepe Le Pew the Skunk, the cartoon character holding a flower, sniffing it with its nose. with the year and home port

  3. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    I like the white with blue outline (or shadow) but would add the year either centered below or off to stbd, balancing the exhaust location – maybe just in blue…

  4. Ron in Seattle
    Ron in Seattle says:

    White with red outline, the red stands out a bit more.
    Put the year in small blue lettering in the white slash.
    Pepe Le Pew could be about 8″ tall on the starboard lower corner.

  5. Gaffer
    Gaffer says:

    The “All In One” summarizes things nicely, all in one aspect. A little bit of Messr. Le Pew would be cool, too.

  6. Matt Smith
    Matt Smith says:

    I still love the original as well. Here is a skunk from the 40’s on the transom. Its a different idea since Stinky got her name from a pig farmer

  7. rjtipple
    rjtipple says:

    Seems to me that your Virginia license number says it all already “VA1937PU”. I like the varnished mahogany transom as it appears currently.


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