What Year Was This Photographed?


I just had this shot sent to me. Perfect, and timeless. What year was it shot? The color has held up very well. There are several hints… I’ll even make it easier. What decade was it shot in… UPDATE, Answer in comments.

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  1. Paul harrison
    Paul harrison says:

    I may expose myself as the neophyte I really am, but I think it is contemporary. The fenders look like a much newer style than the boat, the seat cushions on the old runabouts were separate, not one peice and the wheel does not look like original equipment. It is hard to tell, but I think the gauges are also new. I can’t place the dash layout with any ’40’s CC runabout, but since I know so little about them, that means nothing. The burgee also looks to be nylon, which would not be period-correct.

    I was also wondering about the clothing on the bottom half of the people in the background – doesn’t look ’40’s to me. I’ll say within the last 10 years? Whatever it is, it is a great shot and it was fun to focus on it for a minute.

  2. Robyn
    Robyn says:

    It was shot this summer. Boat show in Mass. The woman was a person there looking at the boats. Fellow Woody Boaters Rebecca and Dan recognized the opportunity and this woman was willing to have her photo taken. Honestly, she is what makes the photo. The bumbers in red are a dead givaway. Also the metal stick in the back, the cooler in the front. The clothing on the other person on the dock. For that matter the dock looks like a new type. But the image works. Thanks to Brian and Joe and our faithful good pal Anonymous for commenting..

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