What’s In Your Boat House? By Bob Matson

new book, What's In Your Boat House, by Bob Matson

New book, What’s In Your Boat House, by Bob Matson

Thanks to Bob Matson the classic boat community has another fun book to read, or receive as a gift for your birthday, Christmas, anniversary etc.. The book is a wonderful collection of stories written by some cool folks in the hobby, and then there is the one written by us. Thankfully it’s buried in the middle of the book, so it stays upscale… for a while. Sadly Bob had an editor on this, so you may not recognize the spelling on the story we did several years ago about the golden pond boats. The story was written pre restoration, and durring the debate of the two boats. It’s just now being printed. If you are new to the site looking for more info on those boats, they are at Katz’s Marina and fully restored. Just type in Golden Pond in the search bar. If you would like to purchase this fun book, you can just click here and order away.

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    • Alex
      Alex says:

      Jim, that’s not a real place or photo.

      It’s just a printout from my favorite recurring dream.

  1. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    wow! is this the tallest header evah? Great shot of a very classy looking workshop.

    I hope the editor got combat pay for making a Woodyboater story fit for print! 😀

  2. Richard
    Richard says:

    I never noticed before ,(liked the photo back a week or so ago in one of the articles). Don’t step out that second story door.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      Just put your foot in the stirrup when you open up the door, grab the rope and take the “non-stop” to the ground floor, lol.

  3. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    My new (old) boat DENBY had the privilege of staying with her first family for 60 years, tucked away in their boathouse every night. She was an island commuter in northern WI and is in incredible condition. Boathouses are wonderful!

  4. Bob Matson
    Bob Matson says:

    The picture, by the way, is of the Stunz Bay Boathouses on Lake Vermilion, Minnesota. Photo is by National Geographic photograper, Jim Brandenburg!

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