When Nature Calls, You Can Toot Your Woody Boat Horn In Style!

Now you can sit on your Chris Crapper and read your old issues of classic boating in peace..

Dear lord, look what I got in the mail today from Kaptain Krunch! I really can’t say any more.. I will leave it up to you.. Enjoy! Possible comment topics..

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    All well and good but what is the providence of this piece? Has a famous naked butt sat on it? Any urine from a Hollywood bigwig splashed on it? If this were to go to an unmarried male does it say Chris-Craft underneath the cover as it will always be in the up position? Just so many unanswered questions. The radiator on the side also leads me to believe this is not installed in a nautical location. Further, will tomorrows blog have more recent fiberglass versions? I would love to see the Donzi seat!

  2. Bill_G
    Bill_G says:

    Hey!…how ’bout a s**t-out between this and a plastic seat; winner gets bragging rights…or maybe just a big mess.

  3. SS Dave KBL
    SS Dave KBL says:

    What type of maintenance is that gonna need? How many annual coats? What will you do when its time to sand and varnish and your S O L for a place to drop anchor?!!

  4. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:


    I assume the gold leaf with the red outline must indicate that there is a red bottom involved. Have a great Christmas!


  5. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    Didnt you do this story before? Wasnt that seat on Ebay?

    Your site loaded very slow last night and this morning.

    • matt
      matt says:

      Yes, toilet seats are a passion of mine.. Especially when i want to do a dumb story.. nothing is dumber.. Texx and I refur to the ocasional filler story as a Toilet seat story since that one on eBay.. To be specific, that was a Chris Craft Toilet seat, and I might add, a post war one. This one is a pre way Chris -Crap seat.. HUGE difference.. HA..

      Loading time? Is anyone else having issues? I am fearful that its caused by the new feature on the left.. Reader Rated Links. Links. This has never been done before with links.. Ever? Yes there are such ratings on stories and reveiws, but this way? Not that we can find.. So ,, a little creativity needed to be done.. My fear is that its effecting load time.. I want to give it til monday to see if readers like it, and if it wasnt my server..

          • matt
            matt says:

            Dam it.. Even in NZ.. The onle way i could pull that off is that each link is a story, so its loading 85 stories.. UGh, not sure if its worth it any more.. And its kinda mean.. Off brand?

      • Jack Schneiberg
        Jack Schneiberg says:

        Very slow loading today and I have to be able to bring up yesterday’s comments. I’ve tried several times yesterday and today and all I get is the header with a blank page underneath.

        Merry Christmas all

    • matt
      matt says:

      OK, thats one I had not thought of? HA HA! Dang.. Spit my egg nog out on that one.. I was expecting, Bung hole jokes, Splinters? Bilge? Does my toilet have a blower in it? 5200 never entered my mind.. Dang !

  6. Philip Andrew
    Philip Andrew says:

    Ha! ” Does my toilet have a blower on it.” Youre on a roll Matt.
    Happy Christmas America. Christmas morning has dawned warm and clear down here in NZ with an expected temp of 23c thats 73f for you.
    Thanks to you all for your friendship, the laughs and the constant new old boating stuff. Woody Boater the number one site, or should that be number twos?

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