While They Meet In Looong Meetings In Geneva Lake, It’s A Slightly Different Story In New Jersey.


Having fun at the Lettering a thon on this cool Racer.. Fueled by?

While they all prepare and have the usual looooong meetings and voting on Lake Geneva, in Jersey, it’s a Transom lettering-a-thon.. The party is at Katz’s Marina for sure.  Fellow Woody Boater and lettererer to the stars Alan Johnson showed up with a gallon of lettering paint and Gold leaf and has been knocking out transoms by the .. well, I am not sure what,, it’s like letter pallooza, Transom Aide… A letter a thon.. What ever you call it, they are having a ton of fun..

Note the detail, Alans work combined with Seths is like Vodka and tonic..

Alan's Amazing work, with Amazing detail..Amazing!

Very neat combo of lettering on a interesting transom


I wonder who owns this Century, and what sort of motor's in it..mmmm?

While back in on Geneva lake, they are still putting boats in the water…. IN JACKETS!..

Lets see, watching boats get put in the water in a coat… Sitting in loooong meetings.. OR, some absolute fun with Vodka, fresh varnish and paint thinner.. Now of course by tomorrow,  that varnish hangover aint gonna be so fun.. And they are gonna be slamm’n on Geneva lake.. No really, they will be slamming into each other.. Dang..The boats are coming in.. Here is Karen Harrison on the bow of “Barnwood” ready for action..

Karen Harrison getting Barwood ready for the Really big Shuw..


Stay tuned for more exciting live reporting from Geneva lake.. And if it isnt exciting, we will find something that is..

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  1. Alex
    Alex says:

    “Sportsman On Board”

    Rolling in about 11 ish. Leave the light on for me will ya? And don’t even thing of retiring early. ‘Cause I’ll be wound like a spring from the drive and will Absolutely need a beverage. Or three.

  2. chad
    chad says:

    Arrived at the Abbey around 7pm. Dropped the boat in the water, ordered room service off the children’s menu. Mmmm, butter noodles. Then bath time, then books, then “lights out” for us at 9pm. This Mr. Mom stuff is for the birds. I’m wifeless until tomorrow afternoon when mom arrives. Thank god for the wireless internet.

    Maybe someone could swing by my room and drop off a six-pack?

    • Al Benton
      Al Benton says:

      Chad, had I been there I would brought a case of your favorite Wisconsin Brew and stayed around to see it disappear. I’m at Lake of the Ozarks babysitting the twin granddaughters (almost 4 now). I love them but the timing sucks!

  3. Texx
    Texx says:

    History has proven that when Alex has a few adult beverages, he likes to start giant bonfires on the beach with gasoline.

    Hide the Wood everybody! Wait, it’s a wooden boat show, Hide the Boats everybody!

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