Why Woody Boats Are Far Better Than Plastic Boats, Even Classic Cars.


Pre Covid Social closeness

Your honor, I wish to present my case here. We all love classic stuff. The history, style and romance of timeless art that moves you. And I love all three, four.. hell 20 of different vintage things. Coke machines, posters, anything.

That was a fun Hail Mary

But there is one thing that is special about a Classic Woody Boat that is different, and better. It’s made out of wood! Everything rots, Metal rusts, plastic gets weak, But try and replace a plastic hull? Or a rusted car. You have to find the parts, where as a classic Woody Boat can be remade in your garage. Like you went to the factory and did it yourself. Hell, you can rebuild an entire boat. no fiberglass molds, no hammering and stamping new metal.

Big Bubba is a 1958 Chevy I have had for close to 30 Years.

I love these as art in rough condition. The erge to restore it is there for sure. Which is the energy I love. I would love to find a worn out globe for her. Not a new plastic clean one. It has to match

If you want to restore a Fiberglass boat to a very safe standard, it will cost as much as a wood boat. And the parts, and bodies have to be found. It’s really that simple. Never mind that you in the end own one of the most beautiful forms of transportation on the planet.

Just look at those colors, that, that.. PURE ART


Even rough.. AHHHHHHH the Ramsey Bros and their PreRestoic Dart. I LOVE THIS BOAT

Art on art!

And the best part, is you are also in one of the best communities in the world. Helpful, kind, and always ready to help. Now go spread the gospel.

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  1. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Amen! Testify! Going out to hug my boat in isolation less than a mile from the closed ramp. Moved her 750 miles to be stopped at the last one. Sorry for the pain, hopefully it will lead to our long term gain.

  2. Bob Murdock
    Bob Murdock says:

    Old boats, old boathouses, late afternoon, ready for a cruise.
    Spread the word………….

  3. First53Resorter
    First53Resorter says:

    Wood boats over plastic boats…mmmmm, still undecided. Wood boats over old cars? Absolutely.

    Reason #493: You don’t have to lay on the ground working on a wood boat (almost never) with sand, grit, oil falling into one’s eyes.

    Reason #513: “Please get that rusty, leaking, smelly old car fixed and take me for a ride”, said no single woman ever.

  4. RH in Indy
    RH in Indy says:

    We cruise a ‘60 Cavalier and ski a ‘72 Correct Craft Martinique. Two great worlds to escape to. Absolutely love a 19’ Commander or XK.

  5. Dave Nau
    Dave Nau says:

    Wood is great, but I love a boat with a brightly-colored deck, and you only get that with fiberglass, or sometimes aluminum.

    And yes, having gone through it with this old 1962 MFG, a restoration can cost as much as doing a wood boat. But there was no scrounging for parts. The original deck hardware was stripped and powder-coated to look like the original white plastic-coat, the wood seats were rebuilt (wood!), the windshield repaired and a vent installed, and the seat upholstery is original, Just lots of labor and associated materials.

    Biggest issues were the keel, transom, and a small hole in the bottom, along with getting the original red gelcoat on the deck to come back. Lots of sanding and polishing to bring it from being a “pink” boat. Another big issue was my insistence on not painting any repairs, but spot matching gelcoat, which was tricky for the white hull, but was able to be done.

    As they say, it’s whatever floats your boat.

  6. Alex
    Alex says:

    If I had to choose, wood for sure, for the resonance and the aromas alone. But I’ve great respect and fondness for greatness in glass.

    Wait. Is that Mayer driving my XK-19? Why yes it is. Busted!

  7. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Yes, classic glass can be as expensive as classic wood, but it can also be as rewarding!

    Everyone stay well!

  8. Frank Stratil
    Frank Stratil says:

    Love classic machines, have a few ,my baby is a 1973 21ft. StarCraft Chieftain aluminum cabin cruiser, design dates back to StarCraft’s early years. It gets thumbs up almost every time I take her out. Want another classic but with a half dozen watercraft to take care of am at the point one might have to go to make room for another.

  9. Eric Knox
    Eric Knox says:

    Can’t thank you enough for this posting and it is so very true. Nothing like classic or antique anythings, but when it comes to the boat, it is simply a class abovc them all for me. I even enjoy thinking about them and do, most of the time. We enjoy showing and using all of ours each summer…

  10. John PLX
    John PLX says:

    Some fiber classics are hard to tell from wood. Been asked many times “How many coats of varnish?’ Elite Craft

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