Woody Boater At Night, Or Is It Day? Or Tuesday?

The Office at 9:30 PM

What happens to a Marine Railway at night? Well. We are going to try and find out. But first we need to check out the lighting. Hey Woody Boater is a 24/7 operation. At night here is day in California and in New Zealand. Well, I have no idea. And in Berlin its morning. I think. So reporting here at 7Am is 1 pm in Germany, and 4AM in California. Okay, I took some images at night and needed a story to frame them.

New lights have been installed

Warmth in the darkness

All we need now is a disco ball. NOT

And here are some dusk shots from last summer.

Love the light on this one

Before the desk.

June last year at the Boatress’s B Day

Sweet Pea also likes it at night

Warm light and a wonderful sunset

Reflections of lights

Lake Hopatcong at night

The light

Bob at night

A wonderful Minnesota night at the Andersons

Being towed in at night

Kent O. Smith night shot.

Into the darkness

A study in light

Moxie light

Morning darkness

Good morning to you all. I know, I got a tad carried away.



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  1. Kelly Wittenauer
    Kelly Wittenauer says:

    When we lived in the Chattanooga area, they did Christmas boat parades. The primary one in the city, the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend & a practice run above the dam, on the Saturday before. Would love to see pics from an event like that, by some of WoodyBoaterville’s skilled photographers.

  2. Steve Anderson from Michigan
    Steve Anderson from Michigan says:

    Beautiful, I always love the time of day when dusk and dawn occur.

    By the way, does anyone know Lady Ann II? My wife saw it in Clinton Township, MI just a few minutes ago!

  3. Captain John
    Captain John says:

    Hey Matt, Captain John here on Lake Ontario (brrrr). I love reading your posts everyday (if I can) but after seeing the RR pics in the post, I want to sit in the easy chair inside the RR with the Turquoise pillow, and sip the tastiest Bourbon we can find….I love that chair!!

  4. Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens says:

    In order for something to be timeless, especially our hobby and all the wonderful boats, time does have to pass, and lots of mornings to nights. Beautiful work.

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