Woody Boating – Art That Moves You.

LEe Anderson Apachee

An artistic photo of art in the fog. If only Lee would change his name to Art! Art, of Art Driving Art.

The other day I was conversat’n with a chum and got to talk’n about our passion for classic boats. As an artist I of course see my boat as art. My pal an engineer, see’s it as a boat. But are we both right? Yes. In my book, and I am the one writing here, so I say yes.. Here is my theses on the subject. First, I hope I spelled Theses right.. Second, classic boats are art in a way that’s different from a painting on a wall. Are they art in a barn or on a wall. No. They only become art when the engine is running and in the water running. Then its a complete form of art as intended by the artist that made them. Oh sure, they were stamped or banged out by the thousands. but the first ones, the idea, the inspiration is part of the art.

Suzy Size

Suzy on the trailer looks like a huge mass of varnish and Mahogany

sunset 29

But on the water she is pure art.

There are many boats that look completely different in the water running. Take many of the Gull Wing Chris Crafts. From a functionality standpoint, not much, but to look at, pure art.

chads 21

Photo Chad Durran

The sound of the engine, art, the way the water breaks on the cutwater. Art.. Its a complete painting then.

Torch Century Original art

Of course there is Wendy Mersmans dads art for century, which at the time was a working Illustration. Now true art to display.

Like great architecture, the setting and the way the building sits on the land is all part of the art. So, what point am Imaking here? Well, investing in art is always good. When you think of a Woody Boat as art you are buying far far more than a boat. Your investing in art. Art that yet is not commonly known as art. Like buying a Van Gough before anyone realized it was great art. And most of all. Use them, get them out on the water, your boats frame and Gallery.

Darrell Bush-cobra

Of course there is Art of Moving art by Darrel Bush. I will add, I have one of Darrel’s painting, and in person they are AMAZING!


There is Art ON art, which makes art.

Pamomino Perfect

Of course there is Phil Andrews Palameno, which is pure art! The interior has no reason to be, other than to make an artistic statement

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Matt, this engineer agrees that they should be running and wet. They also smell great. Nothing Luke the smell of hot oil and raw hydrocarbon in the morning!

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    So if the artist sees his boat as art and the engineer sees it as a functional transportation, does that mean I see my boat as an overgrown tool storage device? Ya I guess that would be kind of fitting.

    Does that mean Rabbit sees his boat as a mobile bureau?

    What does a dentist see, especially when he looks at the picture of Lil Suzy?

    Is it just a back drop to the Model?

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Apparently she needs some dental care as she’s not smiling or showing her teeth at all. Obviously ashamed of them and so is trying to distract you with the boat.

  3. Jim M
    Jim M says:

    I shared today’s post with Wendy and her comment was that some of the old outboards are also artwork just by themselves. She created this colored pencil drawing of a pair of old mercs that I have hanging in my den. I have no artistic ability at all and I am in awe of those who do. She and her dad are two of them. Thanks for your observations today Matt. Art is a gift. Thanks for sharing yours.

    • ian
      ian says:

      Doug is a great artist and I would highly recommend his work; I look at his pencil sketch of Ethyl Ruth IV everyday; thanks Doug !

  4. Scott Dunsmoor
    Scott Dunsmoor says:

    Art is a personal passion of mine – I call it Steeling Memories.
    Some of you may recognize the well photographed Bullen’s RIOT that put on a spectacular performance in the waves of Skaneateles Lake at the AGM a couple of years back.

    • Lightning Rod
      Lightning Rod says:

      I’m proud to say I am enjoying a piece of Steeling Memories artwork and as with any piece of artwork the correct framing is important, thanks to master framer Chris Bullen this was achieved.

  5. Kevin F
    Kevin F says:

    WOW!!! She is not only a great artist, she catches emotion completely. Which I guess is the difference between drawing and art. I think you are going to get many requests for some personal commissions. Does she do this for others; will she? 🙂

    • Jim M
      Jim M says:

      She thanks you for your kind words. She’s just getting out of work mode and getting into the art work. I’m sure she’d entertain the idea. Matt can give you an email to me and I’ll forward on to her. Thanks again!

  6. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Since we got our first sail boat yesterday and we are sharing art today here is a Charcoal Relief piece Sam did last week.

    Shhhhhh! I think she is going to frame it for her brother for Christmas.

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