Now That It’s Cold Outside, Woody Diva Wants A Sip Of A Wa Chee Wa!


Lets invent a drink today. The Second Annual Woody Boater Holiday Party is close!

We got this fun story from Woody Diva on Tuesday, she even fixed the spelling.. Why? Regardless, as I read on, a genus idea came to light. Take it away Diva!

I was a little bit freaked by the downward slope we slid upon with the Mermaid Fender post, however I shall be calm and carry on, my head held high in honor of my prestigious title.

I lament the onset of weather that is non-conducive to Woody Boating. So I began to think of what would keep my “spirits afloat”, which always leads me to “cocktails” and the soundtracks that may accompany such moments. (All of which are so much better on my U- 22, up on plane at full throttle.)

As much as I love my Frank or Cole Porter or the late Dave Brubeck, I do love me some Rock n Roll.

So that being said, I got fully seduced by the Rolling Stones 50 year Anniversary tour and how cool that is, whether you like them or not-ROCK ON! I love anything that gets better with age and does not become a caricature of one self (think Charo, Elvis, THE Donald …the only exemption is Joan Rivers at 78 on Fashion Police, for her one word, BRILLIANT!)

I would love to see this Stones concert, however I am living in only the 2nd largest city in the USA , but noooo not coming this way.  We do have a never-ending Donny and Marie marathon at the Pantages Theater no less?  I am not bitter (no Stones concert is sort of like the fact we don’t have a Pro-football team either) I then started to surf the-tube and wow…for a lot less than it would have cost me to head to Brooklyn, the whole concert unfolded before me. Watch this and just think how cool is it that these guys are 68 years young on average! Have a guitarist with the name Wood and at 69 Mick can move.

Come on we all have a secret dream, one of mine has always been to be a back up singer (Tom Jones or Sting, Tina Turner) with a band and looking out upon a stadium of thousands, or be a basketball player in game 7 of the play-offs, down by 2 and drop a 3 pointer at the buzzer what an adrenaline rush!  Which had to be what John Unsworth was feeling when he re-launched his Ditchburn Fisher “Wa Chee We” …Now there’s a name for the Ultimate cocktail!

Ah…that’s why for most of us when Woody Boat season takes a break, take time to dream and shake our tail feather!

Woody Diva

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  1. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    I’ve been around for the Stone’s entire 50 year career and have never seen Mick play a guitar! They also played the Sandy Benefit last night.

  2. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    According to the internet the closest drink I could find to a Wa-Chee-Wa is a Wa-Hoo-Wa is…(Probably Best to drink on the Kadimik’s “Wa Hoo” Chris Craft…
    1 oz vodka
    1/2 oz Blue Curacao liqueur
    orange juice
    Combine vodka and curacao in a collins glass over ice. Fill with orange juice. Stir and serve.

    I think a Wa-Chee-Wa is probably another name for the Mahogany (which I found on the internet as well)
    1 1/2 ounces dry vermouth
    3/4 ounce Jagermeister
    3/4 ounce Benedictine
    1 dash cinnamon tincture
    Stir all except the cinnamon with ice. Strain into a cocktail glass that has been coated with the cinnamon tincture (or cinnamon schnapps).
    Source: Created by Robert Hess (2003)

    Great subject Woody Diva…. I can’t wait to virtually drink with you and the Woody Boater “Son’s of Varnish” crew at the Woody Boater Holiday Party…

    Don’t worry Mr. David Van Ness I will bring some Gin for you as well…


    • Woody Diva
      Woody Diva says:

      O S
      Need you to test drive those-WHOA Wa Chee Wa! Those sound intense and can definitely take the chill off.
      I am so looking forward to the party, however as any Diva-Woody and or otherwise, I can not decide what to virtually wear…hmmmm

  3. don vogt
    don vogt says:

    Anyone who likes the rolling stones gets an extra point in my book. fortunately they have been to seattle a couple of times. Once in the late 70’s or so and then again a few years ago. Wouldnt have missed either one. Hard to think of someone who has led a more dissolute life than Mick. Yet he was able to belt them out and dance and prance on the stage for a couple of hours virtually non-stop. How many of us at a similar age could do anything remotely like that? If there is anyway you could get to one of the shows, i highly recommend it. Definitely something for the bucket list!

  4. Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson says:

    Woody Diva, Since you in LA and Linda and I in Long Beach, I think we should get together and create a” Wa Chee Wa so that the Woodyboater community will have a drink to call their own. I suggest something similar to a Wet Woody. Scooter

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    You people have it all wrong. Stones? Pleeze. Any drink called Wa Chee Wa calls for only one type of music:


    Hell, even the names of some of the tunes seem to be the same lingo as Wa Chee Wa.

    Go to Amazon, enter “Glow Worm Cha Cha Cha,” click on the MP3 sample, close your eyes, and you’ll fit right in holding your Wa Chee Wa at that incredible party in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    Oh, and stay out of the shower with any woman named Irving.

    • ranger
      ranger says:

      Yup, nothing better than Frank singing “I thought about you”…

      This is my go to spring & summer cocktail..

      Andres peach champagne and fresh squeezed orange juice…
      I prefer it on ice so that I can drink a large portion of the day happily away without tottering overboard! (yeah, both figuratively & literally)!!!

      I miss the old hotel piano lounges…

      And for those of you in the upper midwest, do you remember the group Dave Major & The Minors? My dad used to plan some of his sales trips around their schedule. He took us to see them several times…those were the days!!!

  6. CJP
    CJP says:

    Okay Woody Diva, opportunity calls! With all those references to great music and yeah how about those Stones, I can’t help the opportunistic moment 🙂 Perhaps you and a few Woody followers would like a little free music for the holidays? Visit my site at and if you like the simple approach to classic standards with classic boat photos all wrapped up into one CD, send your physical address (USA addresses only ) to my email and have the words, “I heard it from Woody Diva” placed in the subject line. The first ten to answer will receive two CDs each as gifts; could make for a nice stocking stuffer, holiday gift or just some classic tunes to listen to while enjoying the “Wa Chee Wa. Happy Holidays! CJP
    PS – If you know anything about the Ideal Boat Company of Philadelphia circa early 1960’s, I’d love to hear that too.

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