WoodyBoater And The Antique Boat Museum Announce A Very Special Exhibit.

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Sorry to stink up the lobby! Hey you will have some left over masks?

We here at WoodyBoater are beyond thrilled about this new permanent exhibit at THE Antique Boat Museum. We all in our community is some sort of way are living museums. Using our boats is part of their history. And THE Antique Boat Museum recognizes that. And is inviting US, YOU  to be part of that history. How? Well, read the official announcement.

Inside and Outside!

Ever wanted to see YOUR boat in a museum without having to donate or sell it?
The Antique Boat Museum wants to help you realize your dream with our new virtual museum of boats. With ABM unable to physically open to the public May 1st, we want to open remotely and provide you with the opportunity to show off your boat in a museum! The virtual museum that YOU will be a part of will be displayed on our new video wall located in the main entrance which faces out onto the street, as well as on ABM’s website, social media and Woody Boater.

Sample look

Concerned that your boat will only be on display for one day as part of the virtual museum? Never fear! We don’t want to see the virtual museum end after only a month any more than you do. Once we open to the public, the virtual museum will become a permanent exhibition in the Robert Osborne Cox Theatre where our daily visitors will be able to see it and perhaps one day you’ll see your boat on a visit to ABM.
For just $50, you’ll get an Individual Membership and YOUR boat will be a part of our virtual museum for a year! The cost is $25 if you’re already a member. If you’d like to be a part of this exciting venture, submit your boat to us today.
What we need from you:
A. Owner(s)’ name(s); name, year, make and model of boat and engine; & the favorite waters where your boat runs
B. High quality photo(s) or digital video footage of your boat in horizontal orientation
C. 2-5 sentences about your boat and its history

Please submit your materials via https://www.abm.org/index.php/2020-virtual-exhibit/

*THE TROY Disclaimer: The Antique Boat Museum reserves the right to use editorial discretion in the display of any materials submitted. Any video footage submitted will be edited for best display on our screens and website.

How cool is this? Now you can brag your boat is so cool its in a museum.

From Personal Craft to Museum Object is a virtual exhibition where all of the objects on display are antique and classic boats submitted by their owners. The exhibition is an opportunity for boat owners to have their boat(s) in a museum without physically giving up their boat. Spots in the exhibition can be purchased for $25 by members and $50 by non-members. Non-members will also receive an Individual Membership with their purchase.

This is a mock up. This is going live this morning, I think it will be part of a cool video format. Which we will feature here as well. How ever it turns out. ITS COOL and a wonderful new adventure to be part of

The exhibition will be shown on a video wall in the Museum’s lobby, on the website and ABM’s social media, and featured here in some sort of crazy way on Woody Boater. Hey it will be cool. So. Gather your best photos, and lets all join the historic museum quality fun!

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    Nice idea. Now I have to decide if I make Water Lily or Tiger Lily famous. Decisions, decisions!

  2. In Stitches
    In Stitches says:

    Morning all you woodies out there.
    The silence is deafening.
    This has more than the benefit of just your boat being in a virtual show, but gives the museum some money at a time it’s needed. Someone has laid the ground work for this and our shrinking club should reward them with a huge turnout.

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    What a good idea, and a chance to help the museum out. I can’t wait to see everyones boats.

  4. Steve L
    Steve L says:

    I think its a great idea and it’s going to be an exciting, dynamic display!
    Even when the museum gets real visitors back, it will also show them that most old boats don’t belong in a museum. It will show that they belong on the water, and are being enjoyed all over the country by “almost” regular people.
    I’ve never had the pleasure of a visit but I’m sure that museum promotes how visitors can get involved in the hobby. This display will fit right in to that!

  5. Briant
    Briant says:

    A two sided coin…

    The good side of this is that it levels the playing field in that $150,000 trailer queens and $3500 lumber buckets will be shown with equal fanfare. It also helps the museum financially during these difficult times.

    The bad side is that with no actual physical humans at the museum, no one will actually view the montage. (Yes it will be shown here on WB but that is like showing it to the choir.) It will be interesting to see what happens on year two when many wont fork over the next $50 installment only to be edited out of the montage. (What poor sap gets that job, yeech.) And isn’t that kinda like removing everything Garwood because the Garwood Trust failed to send in their yearly donation? This is a hard sell also to an enthusiast out on the west coast…$50 each year to have their boat shown for 15 seconds on a montage at a museum they most likely will never go to?

    Still, an interesting idea.

  6. Not the Real Owner
    Not the Real Owner says:

    I think this is a interesting idea, but wonder – could this lead to boat identity theft? Find some pics of a cool boat owned by someone else, then submit them while claiming ownership. Possibly even post that it’s for sale with the number of the actual owner. LOL. This has potential for mischievousness!

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