Woodycycles? Yup.. Thanks To Digital Veneer.

Limited Edition Riva Tribute Vespa !

So you say, where in the world do you find this stuff Woody? Well.. in this case Auckland! Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Lance Sheppard for finding us really.. This stuff is cool as hell, and from the looks of it, you could have a field day with it.. In the example above is as if Riva built there own Vespa.. I LOVE IT! No fake looking fiberglass.. Or if you are a hog sorta dude.. Try it on your Harley tank..

Use your imagination..

DANG!  In the works from the folks at Digital Veneer is a Chris Craft, Hacker tribute Vespa as well.. Double Dog Dang! Golf Carts! The bikes are decorated utilizing there advanced Digital Veneer technology using a ultra high resolution, 100% UV stable digital ink image of real wood that is applied to the bike. They have over 400 wood, carbon and metal films in stock so the customization potential is limited only to your imagination. Click here on the Digital Veneer site and enjoy…