Woodys For Boobies UPDATE – Win Tracings Of Thayer IV and Mariah This Week.


Two days of people picking through old shirts, pants.. Un real.. The boatress and her gang were on Fire.

This years Woodys For Boobies effort is hitting its stride. This weekend the Boatress and her crew raised $1,500 in two consecutive yard sales…selling stuff donated to the cause. The big item. The in-sinc microphone. $3 bucks and could have been yours. The one eyed Barbies all sold out fast. As did the countless $100 Coach hand bags that sold for $4.. UGH.. We also reported a nice donation of $1000 and to date that is the highest bidder for the On Golden Pond US Mail Boat Glass donated by the good folks at Katz’s marina. One reader asked for a larger image. Here ya go.

The glass from mariah. One side has already been given to the original family, you can have the other. You can have them framed in a cool way for sure, Would make an amazing item for the trophy room.

We also have the tracings of the On Golden Pond Transom art as seen here. This week, we will award these to the highest Donation given this week, Ending on Sunday Night at midnight, announced on Monday morning.

This is the original transom that was rotted and un saveable. The lettering was traced so you can get a feel for the exact type style.

As you may recall, the type was exact, but had been relettered at some point after the film. They type style is exact, the size was in question and reduced to match a frame by frame comparison from the film.

Mariah's transom was 100% un touched. And the tracing is 100% the actual lettering.. The set would be fantastic framed.

These two items are exact tracings of the original transoms that we got. They would look very cool framed on your boat house wall. Thanks Alan Johnson.. Amazing work by the way, you can see it here. Also your donation amount will go into the records for the US Mail Glass. Now the Total, is in the $6400 area… Not all of it ha been registered yet by AVON. Your donation is very much appreciated and needed for this worthy cause. The team is half the size as last year, so we are pushing hard to make our goal of over $20,000 – The walk is June 23rd in Denver. If you live in that area or close, or not…and want to help, we sure could use it. You can contact me at matt@WoodyBoater.com

The deadline for the glass will be a week before that and we will announce it. We also will Announce and Award the glass in Algonac at the big Woody Boater event there that weekend with the ACBS show. That is going to be one fun time. The entire gang will be there except for the Boatress who will be lancing blisters..

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    You’re missing a big opportunity here. The Boatress has already demonstrated what a wonderful spouse she is by putting up with all this hobby has done to you soooo……….we need more like her. While lancing those blisters she’s bound to draw blood and one word, wait for it, Cloning! Wouldn’t we all like spouses as understanding as her, I personally could have more boats (I’m currently at my limit). Just think about it.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Wow, nobody else thinks cloning Suzanne Smith is a good idea. Ok how about the Donzi Girl? She’s probably more demanding but heck.

  3. Jack Schneiberg
    Jack Schneiberg says:

    While I think cloning is a good idea, how does one insert the clone in place of the current spouse? I bought the first boat in 1995. I was divorced in 2001. It seems that working 30 hours a week and spending 50 hours a week in my shop working on restoration projects seemed-at best-unbalanced.
    Dragging my butt through the door at all hours of the night was not met with a positive response. “How about a dinner and a movie I might be asked”. “Uh-no, I’ve got to scrub off this 5200” – or whatever the chemical of the day was got boring. Imagine that!

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Cloning. Hmmm… Interesting. Ok, I’ll take the bait Rick. Would that make the first wife a “pattern wife” and the second one a “reproduction?”

  5. Rick
    Rick says:

    Alex I’m thinking a Stepford-esk setup. Maybe center it around the Old Club in Algonac. Current wife is pattern wife so nobody gets suspicious. Get Suzanne’s WoodyBoater tolerence in there add accessories from there. More semi-custon than production. Admittedly some details still need to be worked out but all great ideas start somewhere. Next we need an Angel for startup $$.

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