YEE HAW! We Got Us An Opinion Party Today! What IZit?


Well, looks like we have us a debate here today. And of course this is the internet, so the experts will chime in and we are hoping for it. Horace, bring it on! The fun part of this, is, since there is no marking on the boat, its almost impossible to be right. So your argument could win the day. Here is the note from fellow Woody Boater Justin Poarch.

My name is Justin Poarch I live in Salt Lake City Utah. I was able to acquire this boat from a guy as an inheritance. I can’t seem to ID the thing. Dan Nelson from Nelson Boat Works in MN says its a Besotes.

But Robert Bosworth from the Besotes Club says its not a Besotes.

Is there any way to could help me ID this beautiful craft? I’m not quite sure what to do at this point. First step I’m guessing is to identify what she is. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I bought the boat from a guy in Springville Utah. He was given the boat as his inheritance from his deceased step brother(Shawn Walker) from Carson City California last year. I can not find one single identifying mark on this boat. I have been able to identify the boat has a 1960 Buick 401 Nail head, and I’m guessing the original trailer.

I was told from the seller, that his step-brother purchased the boat in 1983 and the boat has sat in a barn(storage unit) ever since. I will include photos and can certainly send any more if you need. Thank you for any help you can offer.
All I have is it came from a barn in Carson City. Guy worked for LA County Water Dept for 26 yrs. He was planning to finish the boat when he retired. He unfortunately passed away last year. The title is from California and only says “HM 1974” on the make of craft. Assuming that means Handmade? License plate on the trailer was last registered in 1970.

SO who is right? Dan Nelson and his fantastic guess?Robert Bosworth who runs the club? Justin who has deduced that HM means Homemade? Or you! Woohooo, we are gonna have us a good opinion party today!

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  1. Dan T
    Dan T says:

    Gotta go with the HM on this one. It’s a kinda cool old boat and probably one of a kinda. Nicely done but not by a pro. Have fun with it!

  2. Michael Maddox
    Michael Maddox says:

    The specs on the Glen-L website show the Audeen as having a 7′ beam and 16′ 3″ LOA. (Of course, it could’ve been built shorter or longer than 16′ 3″ per the builder’s preference… but maybe this info will help.) Here’s one more Audeen pic from Glen-L’s website for comparison:

    • charley quimby
      charley quimby says:

      I’m with Mike on this one. HM probably stands for Home-Made. Nailhead Buick will probably make this a performer, using the right flavor of prop. Great trailer boat… CQ

  3. John Justice
    John Justice says:

    Resembles a Besotes but is probably a Bespokes. Maybe the Woodyboater Spell Checker thinks they are the same thing.

  4. KW
    KW says:

    I like it. It looks like an early California style go fast boat with out a v drive and the 401 is the best sounding engine plenty good for that boat. As uncle Roman would say a kick ass drag boat.

  5. Tim Robinson
    Tim Robinson says:

    I think the boat is a Cruizon. There was a small yard in Seal Beach, Ca (not far from Carson) that built wood work boats. They also built small runabouts to order. As the story goes my Uncle owned one. The boat may have been a kit or just a unfinished hull. If the original owner purchased the hull and rigged it himself he could say he built the boat (HB). His Ca registration fees would be lower by telling a little white lie as to what the project cost and value.

      • Skeefy
        Skeefy says:

        I’m restoring an 17’ 6” plywood run about I enherited from my brother inlaw. It is very similar to this boat. I’m guessing it was made around 1959/60. It is powered with a 1959 Cadillac 390. The title says Kruzon. But I’m willing to bet it is a Cruzon. The title also says #8, but there is no hull card.

  6. Roberta
    Roberta says:

    I’m with Michael on this as a Glen L Audeen or other variant. Glen L started back in the 50s producing plans and frame kits for classic style boats emulating Chris Craft and others. Their family also produced the Glenwood line of products producing castings for marine engine conversions, rudders, struts, stuffing blocks, and other related components needed by amateur boat builders.

    Although Glen L Witt passed away last year at the grand old age of 98, the company he founded back in the 50s is alive and well still producing plans and providing parts and products necessary to amateur builders. The company is being run by Glen’s daughter and son in law Gayle and John Brantuk.

    Glen designed my Torpedo during his retirement at the age of 90. Although he never got to see the boat in person, he watched me build it through the Glen L Forum and advised me on modifications I made during the build. Gayle was able to take the helm during our 10th annual gathering in Tennessee and give her Dad full report on the success of the design. My Torpedo is currently the only known completion of the design.

  7. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    That was an iconic model for boats of the period late 50s to mid 60s. Sanger and Stephen’s both had very similar if not identical hull shapes. Rayson Craft also was an early “California” wood boat builder that evolved into the flat bottom v drive of the late 60’s.

  8. Floyd r turbo
    Floyd r turbo says:

    That was an iconic model for boats of the period – late 50s to mid 60s. Sanger and Stephen’s both had very similar if not identical hull shapes. Rayson Craft also was an early “California” wood boat builder that evolved into the flat bottom v drive of the late 60’s with similar design.

    • floyd r turbo
      floyd r turbo says:

      This is a picture from the Rayson craft resource site that is typical of the hull style manufactures were building in the early 60s similar to this HM boat.

  9. Captain Nemo
    Captain Nemo says:

    At first sight, the header picture jumped out at me as being a Glen-l design. I’m gonna stick w/ that.
    I really love the old nailhead motors, real torque monsters.

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