You Don’t Have To Have A Show Boat to Win A Boat Show!

wise 105

Chris Wise and his amazing Wise all original boat.

To continue yesterdays huge story on The Classic Boat Culture being at a Crossroads, we thought we would keep the theme going. This past weekend as you know, we won Best Chris Craft at the show, last year, The Wise boat won a nice best preserved award at the Sunnyland show. Is this a trend? You bet. Our boat that won is by far not the nicest restoration out there, nor would it follow some of the ACBS rules, and to be honest, the Lake Dora rules for awards may involve a little more than the correct finish. Its a fun show/event designed to celebrate the best part of classic boating. FUN!

mariah Thayer

We brought Thayer IV to shows, didnt even clean her, and she won!

But, is it possible to win a trophy? We think so. If your boat is true to its self. Like any old man or women. When you embrace your age and history it can be very attractive. And that’s what WECATCHEM, the Ramsey Bros Dodge and Chris Wise family boat have. And the judges, and people all agree.

Dart Boat

The Ramsey Bros Dart gets noticed big time at the shows. Always one of my favorites

History and age are to be embraced not replaced unless necessary. They are only original once. And I might add, an affordable way to participate. All three of these boats are almost flawless in there truthness. If something was fixed over time it was done in a continuum and done in an honest way. no boob jobs or Botoxed lips. These boats are critical to the culture since they celebrate use, above all.


We purchased this Whaler, didnt even clean it, showed up to a show and won! This boat was never touched and 100% original. Its about the history and truth of the boat.

Now now, don’t get us wrong here. i drool over an insane Varnish job over a well done boat. I also believe that in some cases all new wood is great. Modern power is great, and there are countless other things done that are cool. I LOVE restoring a boat to as if it was new. LOVE it. But in the these cases we strongly believe there is a place at each show and event for Survivors Prerestoic boats. So drag that old woody Boat out of the barn, don’t even dust it off and lets get that water sucker wet again!

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  1. Troy in MD
    Troy in MD says:

    I think in the car world they call it “Barn Fresh”.

    Should have stopped in VA so I could sign in as Troy in VA just like my buddy John.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    There is still time to turn around. You can stop for lunch at Chez Smith or visit WoodyGal and John while you are there.

    Original, not yet restored is one step, but how about mods and hot rods? Would anyone in the hobby still talk to me if I purchased Paul Harrison’s ’61 Continental and replaced the hard top with a wake bar and some big speakers? 🙂

      • m-fine
        m-fine says:

        I wouldn’t want to put bacon in the speakers and risk grease dripping on the upholstery, but I am working on a custom designed exhaust manifold that will double as a bacon griddle!

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Sure they would still talk to you! They like you and would be concerned with your mental health. If you can afford the boat as is, it’s yours to do what you please with. But some would be concerned with its value as a Lake Rod Mod job, mostly for your sake, but also for the boat’s representation of something original.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      Mental health has never been one of my strong points but that helps keep me interesting like Rob Ford and The Donald. And don’t worry, while I could afford the boat if I wanted too, I cannot afford the divorce that would come with it. Also, wake boarding is not a pastime I am likely to take up at my advanced age. 🙂

  4. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Oh Hell yeah….I am heading to the boat…and also going to service a whirlwind and get my argentine special runabout out of the shed……

    Thanks Troy and Sandy for a great time in Tavares…especially on the Dead River……and as for Mfine…..I promise to check in next time I visit Keuka Lake….

    John in Va.

  5. Sean
    Sean says:

    “History and age are to be embraced not replaced unless necessary” – I disagree. “Necessary” by what standards? Yes, original boats, both survivors and restorations are needed to preserve the history but not at the exclusion of others.

    True survivors are few and far between. That is what makes them so special. Not every boat can be a survivor but a restoration is just as nice… usually nicer (and some better than factory). I see these boats as the original baseline and they are to be celebrated.

    Now, I’m not a rat rod kind of guy and when I see a dowdy pre-restoric it just shouts to me that the owner just has lower standards of upkeep and cosmetic aesthetics. Worse if the boat was engineered to look that way. Sort of like condoning slovenly behaviour.

    What does get attention is a boat that shows pride of ownership. Well kept and built/ restored/ maintained with quality in mind. This includes any boat where the owner has “made it their own” with any changes that suit their needs or their sense of aesthetics. If that includes a wake bar… so be it (it doesn’t have to be my taste)

    A well kept boat… “Ship- shape in Bristol fashion”, can trace the practice to the days where your life at sea depended on all things working. So maintenance was paramount. A clean and tidy ship became a source for pride of those that sailed in her. Upgrades and changes that enhanced performance were welcomed and further showed the quality of Crew and Captain. Whatever type of boat you choose… do it well. (sounds like my Mother)

    In classic boats there’s room for everybody. The survivor, the restoration, the resto mod, the hot rod and yes, even the engineered rat pre-restoric both wood & glass… As long as it’s done well with quality in mind this is what we need to celebrate. Anything less is just another form of elitism and that’s not conducive to expanding the hobby.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      +1 to what Sean said. I can appreciate a lot of boats that may not be what I would do or want. Restored boats are cool. Preserved boats are cool. Boats that are modernized for safety and reliability for daily use are cool. Boats modded to suit the owner’s personality or desires are cool. Pontoon boats are…um…uh…a…um…great platform for a slow party cruise?

      With a little effort we can learn to appreciate or at least be accepting of whatever classic boat choices others may make and that is the best way to expand the hobby.

  6. Don Palmer
    Don Palmer says:

    That Boston Whaler is speaking Dick Dow’s language. Not only did he grow up with one on Puget Sound, but he also has a hankering for the old 4 cycle on the back. I can’t remember how many he owns!
    Thanks for the pictures

  7. Dick Dow
    Dick Dow says:

    m-fine-(and others) You need to get a copy of “Manifold Destiny” a great little book that will make you smile and provide a number of options you may not have considered before… 😉

  8. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    Wow! I have been woody boating on this site for a long time. Just want to point out that the truth has been finally stated in print,
    Thank you Sean….”slovenly behavior ”
    Thank you to Woody Boater International for all the good work.

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