You Need To Feel The Gull Lake, Bar Harbor Super Club Experience This Weekend.

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A special place deigned for us. Bar Harbor Super Club.

If you live in Minnesota, okay the USA, okay, okay,  maybe Canada, okay three times,  maybe Europe, you should pop on by the Gull Lake Show this weekend. No really. This show is the future of classic boating. Why you ask? Because up in Minnesota they are pushing the it’s not a boat, it’s a work of art movement. Not that they are not boats, they are. But there are some amazing folks up there doing far more than restoring boats, they are evolving the classic boat lifestyle by rebuilding, and building the world around the passion.

The top boats in the world are there. And pontoon boats to highlight the decline of mankind.

The Bar Harbor Super club is such a place. Rebuilt to modern standards, using historic real references as a emotional design to bring the past into the future, thus capturing the timeless strength that endures.

AHHHHH! And they arrive by water.. Rumble rumble and all.

It’s a moment of celebration of our lifestyle, fancy and simple. All bonded together with smiles that are the glue that make our community so special.


This sort of thing, is what makes a lifestyle live on. The boats, to be honest are the vehicles that move us through this universe. DEEP? You bet, and deeply appreciated and thats why the Gull Lake Celebration is important to immerse yourself in. Bask in it, drink it all in. Like visiting the South Of France to completely understand the Impressionistic period, it’s, yes “it” is in the air, the feel, the tone, all of it all mixed into an experience. THATS GULL LAKE. To call it a show is like calling climbing Mt Everest a hike.

Bring a camera. Your phone wont capture it, especially with your finger over the lens. Thats Texx BTW. Yes.. He comes out of his hole for the Gull lake Experience

And yes.. Being towed around is all part of it.


I never get tired of this shot. Cracks me up everytime


And getting ready!

GO! GO! With the wind!

Okay enough pontificating. Maybe this will help. There will be some insane cool bitch’n boats, and young hot babes there. And good food. And its free. You cheap ass leach on humanity. Okay maybe that was a little to far. OH HELL YA, that sleep yesterday was much needed.  HERE IS THE LINK TO THE BAR HARBOR SUPER CLUB.

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  1. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    I gotta get there some day. I think of it as the Muskoka of the Midwest (without fenders). Looking forward to a WoodyBoater report next week!

  2. Paul at the Cabin
    Paul at the Cabin says:

    Yay! I’ll be there. Can’t wait. A few rain drops perhaps, but nothing too serious. My 56 Capri has a new 5200 bottom and the KLC is at the shop for a rebuild. Perhaps next year, she’ll be in the water for the show.

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