“You Never Know What Tomorrow Brings” Kent O. Smith Jr

“The Power of Now…Revisted
As I reflect on recent events, specifically the one that took Joe Turcotte from the classic
boat world, I find it does give one some sobering thoughts.
The boat’s not clean…
The motor needs a tune up…
The trailer has issues…
I’m tired, it was a long day…
It might rain…
What excuse are you looking for?
And how would you feel if it ended tomorrow? For you? Or a loved one?
As Tim McGraw sang, “Live Like You Were Dying.”
I *know* some of the excuses personally because it’s cost me the better part of my
marriage that I am trying to rebuild.
Nike says “Just Do It.”
You should.
Don’t like your picture taken? Some loved one will want that when you are gone.
Get out there. In your classic boat… It’s not running? Get out on pontoon or whatever
brings you pleasure. Just get out there.
I went to the visiting hours for Joe tonight and cried shoulder to shoulder with many
Turcotte family friends. Joe was a special person for sure.
Don’t let your special person slip away. Take the photos, make the memories, cherish
the days you have together.
That’s the Power of Now.
Because you never know what tomorrow brings.
Godspeed, Joe. I will miss you so.

Thank you for your friendship and for opening my eyes to the things that are most important to life.”




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  1. Jim Murdock
    Jim Murdock says:

    Thanks Kent, The outpouring of love and respect for that young man last night was off the charts God bless the Turcotte family

  2. mahoganymadness
    mahoganymadness says:

    Well said..each day we should reread this, and maybe we can start to build on days of enjoyment..not just busy work…

  3. David (Bud) Long
    David (Bud) Long says:

    Very fitting words. In the words of Janis Joplin “You better get it while you can”. She was talking about something else (ahem) but the meaning is the same for living your life.

  4. Kent O
    Kent O says:

    Thanks you guys for the kind comments. I’m not the most emotional person, but those were raw emotions flowing from the heart – and a few cocktails while I toasted Joe. We all tend to get caught up in the daily grind of modern life and lose track of what is really most important. Live in the now.

  5. Chuck Warner
    Chuck Warner says:

    Linda and I only knew Joe casually and recall his soft polite manner at
    shows even though he was always focused on the many tasks and
    duties of the “family business”.
    Our hearts go out to Tom &Larry and family over this tragic loss.
    Chuck & Linda Warner

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