You’ve Read The Book, Now Here Is The Movie. “Back In The Saddle Again” A WoodyBoater Production

Over the past 6 months or so you have been following the Zipdates and her progress. And you also may recall that we went on a final shoot of her with Tommy Beatley getting into Zip for his first ride in decades. Well, after some editing, and waiting for the International reporting to end. Here it is. The Zip Journey in one 2 minute short film. This film is an introduction to the next chapter of WoodyBoater and the creative platform of Restorying.

Stay tuned, more to come! Maybe, not sure. No, wait yes there is.

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  1. Frank@Falmouth
    Frank@Falmouth says:

    “Restorying” …. Love it! If pieces of history are missing…. is creative license granted to fill the gaps?

  2. Dan Overbeek in MI
    Dan Overbeek in MI says:

    With Tommy, you could see and hear the wheels turning…just a little more speed! Always, just a little more! Tommy was great! Thanks to Dave also. Thank you Matt, for a story with a happy ending…or is it the end!?

  3. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P)
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P) says:

    That was a cool video !! After all those years Tommy got to “do it again” Was that Yip Yap running with him. I will have to watch it again. There is nothing like zipping around in a small boat.

  4. Gaffer
    Gaffer says:

    Nice job everyone! Enjoyed the filming, editing, the b/w bits, the music bed was really cool. Boat racing. There’s not many things I like better.
    Thanks for putting this one out there for us to enjoy!

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