An Odd Outcome From Classic Boat Babe Boobie Week.


The Miss Catalina boats (there was a series of 6 of them) were thrill ride boats operating out of Avalon Harbor in Catalina Island, CA in the 1930s into the 1960s. Photo from Al Shinnerer

Well, this week did not play out as completely expected.  Honestly it started as a need to fill in the Boat Babe of the month story. We made a decal, the boat babe of the month, ha. She’s lick-able! Hey, it’s all I can give you.. But then it swelled into more.  ( Not a pun) get your mind out of the gutter….Woodys for boobies just seemed to flow from the Babes story. And then it happened.. Women.. Actual wives, girlfriends and rubber dolls seemed to come out of the wood work. We hit a nerve. Here with a potential tasteless name, we created a front page that for a brief second, spoke to our better halves. And for the first time, maybe in a small way. Connected a passion for classic boats and spouses. Woody Gals husband even contributed.. It worked both ways. Men were donating in their wives names.. It’s been actually very moving. We even gained a new member to the team who will be walking with the Woodys For Boobies team in April. We hope to continue this though out the summer and give you updates. We also hope to include your loved ones into the fold here. We will be in Tavares in three weeks and would love  meeting them. Warn them though, that from time to time, Sooome of us get lost in deck seam width.. BRIAN! TEXX! Not to mention someones obsession with gauge clusters..DON! But that’s all part of the fun. Thanks for making this a fun week. And a huge thanks to your side kicks for at least pretending to enjoy our hobby.. Now.. Lets talk Reed and Prince vs, Philips head screws..

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  1. ARRRGH!
    ARRRGH! says:

    Avast, Matey. I can’t be left out! Put me in for burgie and shirt too. Can you maybe add a skull somewhere? Pink is not really a piratic color. Oh, maybe I can wear dark sunglasses . . . or TWO eye patches!

    Love the cause!

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