Are Your Floatation Devices Up To Date? Help Us End Breast Cancer.

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Was yesterdays massive showing of boat babes just a set up for this story? Yes! Did it help make all the bad things on the planet go away? No. But it did do one thing. Yes we all for maybe a tad longer think about how lucky we are and how glorious the human body is. OK for some, it was about seam width and gauge clusters.  Today Woody Boater is proud to announce the start of a summer long effort. Woodys For Boobies! That’s right. Several of the crew here at Woody Boater have decided to do the big Avon Breast Cancer Walk in NYC in October. And of course Woody Boater jumped in to be the lead sponsor and be the vehicle to get the word out and raise awareness of the effort to end breast cancer in our lifetime. Is that even possible? We have to try. The Woody Boatress is leading the team and you can follow their progress here on Woody Boater, or on their Avon walk website where you can also step up and donate to the walk. You can donate to Suzanne as the team captain directly here. In a heart warming gesture of unity, our kind sponsors have joined the cause. Together, with your donations we can show the world the power of  the Antique & Classic boat community and help a very worthy cause.Thanks in advance for your donation and encouragement!

Thanks for supporting the effort.

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  1. Mike M
    Mike M says:

    If you keep reading on the form, down by “Personalize your Gift” it says that you can choose to donate anonymouosly. Thank god it’s OK to spell incorrectly on WB!! Even though its underlined in red I refuse to fix it!! Wooo Hooo!

  2. matt
    matt says:

    T shirts are in the works. We are in the process of opening an online store. Shirts.. NO YELLOW ONES PHIL! are being done as i type. The Woodys for boobies shirt is very fun. Thanks

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    What a great cause to be involved with here on Woody Boater. The pink ad logos on the side bar are very touching. Thanks Woody Boater & Boatress, Suzanne.

    FRANCHINI says:

    Love the shirt idea, just too bad the double pink ribbons look like saggy old grandma boobies. We gotta save the all though!

  5. Alex
    Alex says:

    Matt, your ingenuity never ceases to amaze me. (Just noticed the bow pole on Sylvia.) Then, looking even closer, I saw the teeny tiny pink sponsors logos on the hull sides. “Attention to detail” just doesn’t capture it when it comes to you. So what is it? Passion, obsession, or addiction to detail? When dusk settles, will the stern light glow pink too? 🙂

  6. matt
    matt says:

    I love the flag burgee idea. We looked into making them.. 100 bucks a unit. If anyone out there knows a cheaper way. Or wants to make some.. Speak up. Its a great look.

  7. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    My mother-in-law was a breast cancer survivor (now that could make an interesting story) and I know several other people that have been directly affected by this. Most survived but some didn’t. With our support we can make a difference.

    If I can see to it to dig out $100.00 from my restoration kitty for Team Captain Suzanne Smith, I’m sure you can too. Heck, it’s less than 2% of the new bottom job alone.

    If you go to the Avon web site be sure to click on Team Captain Suzanne to make your donation or click on “directly here” in Matt’s story above. It takes you directly to Suzanne’s page. I challenge you to show me how cheap I am.

    • Rick
      Rick says:

      Hey, how about Team Daisey? Maybe she’ll wear ‘Daisey Dukes” during the walk. The mental picture alone is worth our support. That said I have no idea of what she looks like. But my mental image is somewhere along the Dukes of Hazard line. LOL

    • Hollie
      Hollie says:

      Suzy needs your help. She’s $150 away from meeting her first goal. If she raises a total of $500 by end of day today, she gets a pair of Reebok moisture-management socks with ribbed arch braces that increases her comfort and a pair of Reebok/Avon Walk shoelaces, not available elsewhere! You know she’s the oldest one on the team and she needs the additional “foot support.” 🙂

  8. Allen Willey
    Allen Willey says:

    Thanks for this effort……… Debbie is a 2009 survivor…..lump ectomys, chemo, radiation in both breasts and now healthy and living life….thanks to all for their support of this effort.


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