Avon Breast Cancer Walk Gets Underway!

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There off and….. Walking.. Your Woodys for boobies team is starting the massive walk today. .. Thanks to you they have raised alllllmost 19,000 smackers and growing… Pictured above is Hollie Ontrop and the Boatress all dolled upin there special TuTu’s  and ready to go.. Let’s see how they look later today..

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  1. Don Nelson
    Don Nelson says:

    Good morning Matt!

    Thank you for this month’s focus on breast cancer. In 1991 my wife Rose Mary was diagnosed with it and given a few months to live. She pushed back and went through chemo, radiation, and a bone marrow transplant. She continues to micro manage me today.
    A big thank you to all that are working on a cure. And a big thank you to all that are working on funding those cures.

    Don Nelson
    Annandale Minnesota

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