Boat Buzz Un-Plugged Is Very Close, Have You Signed Up?

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Right now it looks like we have around 20 folks coming to the first ever Boat Buzz Un Plugged Event – And possibly more that are from around here who have yet to speak up..In less that 11 days we’ll be meeting at the Trible Library on the campus of Christopher Newport University in Newport News, VA to get a hands-on(ish) tour of the Chris-Craft Archival Collection. It’s a significant part of The Mariners’ Museum Library Collections that are housed in the University Library not far from the Museum.

Along with Patti Henson and her staff of volunteers at the Chris-Craft Collection we’ll meet Cassandra Greene, Interim President of The Mariners’ Museum and Mary Sellen, Library Chief Archivist for The Mariners’ Museum. To say the least they are very excited about our visit.

We need a final list of participants. If you plan to be there please let John Rothert know ASAP, if you haven’t already done so. His email is

We look forward to seeing everyone,

Al Benton, John Rothert, and Me, or is it I? Or is it I only if we start the conversation from us? Oh god, this is a slippery slope… Wait, this is a library event.. Books and word things are in a library. OH GOD!

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    Shortly after this picture was taken the cruiser crossed the wake of the photo boat and due to the lack of even a bow-rail to hold onto boating babe Miss Margaret Chum met an untimely demise. Will need to miss Boat Buzz unplugged. Hope to make some future get together.

  2. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Matt, don’t sweat the word thing! They have lots of images too. Shirley they are archiving Woody Boater for posterity?

  3. Alex
    Alex says:

    C’mon Rick! That was the early 30s. Haven’t you seen the movies? Nothing bad happened back then. The above gal went on to become a movie star, had four kids (two boys, two girls), and retained her hourglass figure for the rest of her long, happy, swell life.

  4. matt
    matt says:

    Those words, all spelled correctly scare me.. I need pictures.. With red arrows.. Then food.. And a good belly laugh.. Oh, and a good long snort of varnish.. And then a nap..

  5. RiverRat
    RiverRat says:

    An early Thankyou to the Woody Boaters for all they do. Tomorrow I will be too stuffed to move and totally plugged in.

  6. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    It’s almost Thanksgiving in the USA and it’s time to make mental lists of all the thinks that we are thankful for so we can remember them on the day that’s set aside for giving thanks, not that the thanks that we feel every day for some of them doesn’t count until Thanksgiving day rolls around once a year.

    One that is close to the top of the list is fresh hot coffee and Woody Boater with Matt & Texx to start the day out. Another is the community of Woody Boater fans that add great flavor to the daily posts with their comments. Another is Boat Buzz. With these three, I’m also thankful for spell-check (I know, it would be more appropriate to turn it off when commenting on this site but…).

    One that might go just above these is realizing the ceiling fan above my bed still needs to be dusted when my eyes open every morning (so far at least).

    You get the point. Tomorrow is that one day each year when we need to remember all the things, big and little, silly and serious, that we are thankful for.

  7. thomas d.
    thomas d. says:

    Nothing ever happens near tenn. but the good part about this story is i have a Clipper just like the one margaret is riding on. i’m glad i have woodyboater this winter.

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