Bring Back The Chris Craft Silver Arrow, And Maybe I Will Vote For Amanda.


What in the heck is going on? Just last week, our Miss Chris Craft, Amanda Lee was practicing her pose for the cover.. She was 3,000 votes ahead of the Donzi gal Michelle… Erin the Sea Ray gal was at least 7,000 votes behind… And today… Erin is ahead by thousands of votes… IN ONE WEEK! WHAT THE? Is it the boat? Is it to modern? Maybe, just maybe if Chris Craft changed it around as a new Silver Arrow? Just a touch of red and some small cosmetic changes…

 Or maybe. Just maybe… Naaa, cant be…..Ugh…Someone is not playing fair! There are ways to vote over again..Not that we have stooped to such a low level… Nooooooo.. So here is how you do it….  Clear your cookies….  You need to do that before New Years Eve anyway……. A joke….. Loose your cookies……… Wow.. That did not get a laugh… Tough crowd today.. Anyway.. We all need to jump in here and keep Miss Chris – Craft from being out nerded… by out nerding the nerds.. GIVE HER ALL SHE”S GOT SCOTTY.. Beam up your votes.. Warp factor.. SO VOTE HERE! VOTE OFTEN.

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  1. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Well, well! Amanda is back on top by around 800 votes at 8:00 am Central. Sea Ray Erin seems to be disconnected from her automatic voting machine that produced well over 12,000 votes in around 24 hours yesterday.

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Well Erin is connected again and again we are behind by 1120 votes (12:38pm EST). Trevor you aint seen nothing yet on this site. Go back and see how it went with the Thayer IV discussion. LOL

  3. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    I hate to be a rebel here, own CC's but come on Erin is hot!!!!! hands down, no matter what she is riding on or in.

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