Elegante- A Masterpiece of Masterpieces..


You know those guys back in the day, that slicked back their hair and had their pictures taken with other rich guys with their hair slicked back, with babes with perfect hair..

Well, this boat belonged to one of those guys.. Needless to say that how much this boat cost to design and build was not a concern.. This one of a kind magnificent masterpiece created by the Whiticar company- commissioned by John Hay “jock’ Whitney… You can read more here on the link to Mecum auctions.. Yes it’s up for sale.. So get out your hair tonic.. And let your babe know to go out and get a new dress…. No Furs…

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Let's See. I'll need one for each of my siblings and a couple of good friends.
    and I wiil need them by Friday. Thanks

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