Exclusive Never Seen Before Classic Boat Images

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Suzy and the Woody Boatermobile on the way to the river

Sorry for the delay this morning, but I was in negation regarding the following images that are so un heard of. You won’t believe your eyes.. It all started with a simple drive to the river house to tuck away the official Go To Woody Boat. No biggy.. a simple 3 hr drive and then make sure all the heat was working in the house and pop home.. And then it happened.. A simple text image from Fellow Woody Boater Jim Scott.. He was flipping is small pre war utility.. With two tractors!

The image texed to me !

I was about 2 hours away, and had to go see it all.. Now… One problem.. Or so I thought.. The boatress was with me.. 6 hrs in a car can actually be fun when you are with your side kick. The boatress has been on many a long trip.. It’s peaceful get away time.. NOW, but… going to work on a boat bottom? No way.. OR? What the hell, its Christmas, lets go see Jimmy.. I was shocked when she said sure, sounds like fun, we are just going to see the guys right.. SURE.. We show up and the boat is flipped and Patrick and Jimmy are trying different methods to pull the screws out..

Original bottom, putty filled crap holes, ^$%&#ing stuff. A larger whole bit solved the problem

And then it happened..Please understand, these images were gathered under extreme risk to my person. These images have never been seen before..

Look closely, I am not kidding, dirt and old paint can be seen on her head.

Yes.. An actual wife working joyfully on the bottom of a boat.. Old crap bottom paint. Scraping away the paint so we can find were to drill. Amazing.. Those are very expensive once a week manicured nails! These are not posed. No sir..

Amazing startling images.. I cant still believe it

This is about an hours worth of work.. Laughing all the way. In fact we are planning a party this weekend..There is something fun about being with pals and good music, and suds, working on a boat that is magical.. Call me crazy.. But even the boatress agreed.. I consider this my Christmas miracle.. Saturday marked our 25th annaverary.. She never ceases to amaze me.  I hope you all had a great holiday as I.. Stay tuned for images of the first Woody Boater Bottoms Up-party this weekend..

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  1. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    Now that is a great story…..I am still in awe of how you find time to do all that stuff and run a business….
    I went cruising late last week…..we have had some pretty days.
    Best to all.
    especially the boatress.
    John in Va.

  2. Scott Robinson
    Scott Robinson says:

    Hi Matt, Man how do you get these pictures ? Its nearly impossible to get women near a wooden boat that is getting work on !! My hats off to you and the Boatress !! best wishes for the New Year, Scott, Linda & Sparky

  3. Allen
    Allen says:

    Funny how it works…..some people realize that things done together are so much more rewarding even if you don’t fully understand what it is you are doing……if they like to garden, offer to help, Deb made incredible wool lined mittens for Christmas presents this year and I offered to help cut the patterns…..its all fun…..humans are happiest when they are giving and the recieving part is the joy they see in others who don’t expect it. Hang on to her man……lucky you……and lucky is any man who has a partner that can embrace his hobbies and he can embrace hers……..

    • Dennis J. Mykols
      Dennis J. Mykols says:

      You are so right, about finding a partner who shares your interests. My first wife and I drifted more and more apart because she saw my boating life as only a big expense. Toward the end of our married life, She would go out on the boat only on Sundays, and then complain all day long.
      After our divorce, I found my soulmate. Two years later we bought a Marina, and ran it together for 10 years. She knows how to run all our toys, race boats, wave runners, our woodies, and has her own 1985 Camaro IROC-Z.

      This year we need to work on her backing up the trailer at tight ramps, then I really got it made!

      21 years and we yet to have a serious fight, I am a lucky man to have a first mate like my Ronnie (Veronica)…

  4. Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy
    Randy Rush-Captain Grumpy says:

    You actually have a business? I thought you just made up stories and lies, er marketing and drove around with a boat behind you at all times.
    My hats off to the wife utting up with you for 25 years!

  5. Bob VandeVusse
    Bob VandeVusse says:

    She is definatly a keeper, Matt. By the way, happy annaverary. 25 years? Maybe she will get you a Silver Arrow!

  6. matt
    matt says:

    Ahhh crap, I never thought of the Silver arrow angle.. So many years of manuvering.. And somehow that one completly missed me. DammmI have all year .. right?

  7. Allen
    Allen says:

    Its all good isnt it, “when you have a good wife you have a good life”, my boater babe says……marriage isnt about finding someone to make you happy , its finding someone who can share your mutual happiness together …on and off the water…..now buy a Silver Arrow and name it Her’s….that always works even with the 85 Camero…..aor a 56 T-Bird…..funny how far even a $1.99 grocery store rose goes when its not expected !!! Now back to the varnishing

  8. chad
    chad says:

    That’s two WoodyBoater wives with 85 Camaros. What am I missing?

    Maybe if I buy my wife an 87 Corsica she’ll fix me dinner or do the laundry…

  9. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Congratulations Matt & Suzy!!! I’m still trying to get my husband trained to put fenders out when we dock and pull them in when we leave! Hook up the trailer? Wipe the boat down? Fageduboutit!!!

  10. 72 hornet
    72 hornet says:

    Wow! Those pictures are hot! My female friends all love to take cruises on the boats, but never have I had an offer to help with any restoration assistance!. I am lucky if they open the wine bottle and actually give me a pour! I’m still looking for that special someone to show up in my man cave and offer to pick up a brush…..
    Maybe a new years resolution! Cheers!

  11. Charity
    Charity says:

    Wow, way to go Suz!
    I helped JCW re fiberglass the bottom of his duck boats
    Probably lost several years from breathing all those fumes and fiberglass dust
    I need some of those overalls

  12. Al Campbell
    Al Campbell says:

    Excellent example of the Woody Boater lifestyle.. Helping each other with big projects when working on boats and also when farming realy works. You’ve got the bases covered with the farm tractors in this case. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Rich Marschner
    Rich Marschner says:

    Maybe I’m uniquely lucky, as my first boat has always been “our” first boat — my wife Wiley helps with everything, even does most of the driving with the ’41 barrel following oh-so-closely behind. Wipes down the hull, helps to carry all the stuff back and forth to the SUV…likes to take her turn at the wheel.

    My boater babe was already married to me when I succombed to the bite of woody-boating, and she’s been with me all the way.

    Damn lucky, I’d say.


  14. Patrick Maher
    Patrick Maher says:

    Just found the web sight!!!!!! Way to go. I got involved with a consolidated and have been looking for past owners. Also have a u22 golden pond but have lost my interest in her.If anyone can share anything on Cherokee a 1924 consolidated I would like to create a book of info on the ship builder and my boat. It may have been owned by the hinze family. Looking for 1920 style cabin lights.
    Patrick , Maheratime Charters on Facebook.

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