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Thanks to a slow down in donations we are returning to our regularly scheduled boat show reports. This time it’s from the good folks on the Glacier Lake ACBS. I wonder if the bottoms of the boats are larger on that lake? To obscure of a glacier joke? Anyone? Beuler? Cough cough.. crickets.. Wow what a tough group.. Hey you could have kept donating and have more Miss Woody Boater. But Noooooooooo, so it’s dock shots for you! Unless we see some new donations today! The button is right there and live on the right. Come on..

A subtle reminder of what Miss Woody Boater is like!

A very subtle reminder of what Miss Woody Boater looks like!

Thanks to  Erika Simmons , Don Ploenter and Bob Kays for haveing some fun and helping us all raise some needed funds. A huge thanks to the past two days of donations. You can not imagine how far that will go.. For one, a larger server now so we wont crash when traffic spikes, like yesterday, while looking at Miss Woody Boater. We are not asking for a bunch, but if we got just 10% of the 5000 readers daily, that would be huge. Heck, 1% would be huge. We understand the reality of the web and want to keep it open for all. But if you are reading today, or going to look around and you like what you see. DONATE.. And if we get enough, we will bring more Miss Woody Boaters to you. Yup, we’re in the works for a Miss Fall Woody Boater series. No more pledge drives though, that’s once a year!

Here is the official report in from Fellow Woody Boater Jack Schneiberg

Glacier Lakes Chapter of the ACBS
10th Anniversary Pewaukee Boat Show and Street Event
Saturday, August 16th, 2014

The Crew assembling the docks with the help of Dawe's Crane

The Crew assembling the docks with the help of Dawe’s Crane

To celebrate the Chapter’s 10th Anniversary and the 10th Annual Pewaukee Boat Show, a Friday night event was added this year. A boat tour around Pewaukee Lake and then a stop at Gary and Sue Rechcygl who hosted the group for an an evening on their lawn with refreshments and a fantastic “meal on the go” prepared by Chapter members, Pete and Nancy Feichtmeier. I had the best sliders I’ve ever had along with salads, port sandwiches, and a very special potato salad. The sounds and sights of the boats leaving the dock after dark added greatly to our evening on the lake event.
Saturday morning dawned sunny, but a bit chilly and windy. However the weather started warming as the boats began arriving from their launch across the lake at the Pewaukee Yacht Club. The event site is Pewaukee Lake Front Park right downtown and next to the public beach and fishing dock.
We have a crew who actually put our dock in the water just for this show each year. With the grateful help of Dawes Crane and Summerset Marine we can usually get the pier assembled and in place in a couple of hours. The crew puts the dock together as Dawes Crane operators give a hand.

Rich Lepping's beautiful '56 Falls Flyer with a sparkling Johnson Javelin 30

Rich Lepping’s beautiful ’56 Falls Flyer with a sparkling Johnson Javelin 30

Jane Larson & Gary Berg's 1959 Cruiser's Commander 302 with It "Dock Buster" Mercury standing tall in the foreground. Tim Mason's 1939 Century Deluxe Utility Sedan "Relic" in the background.

Jane Larson & Gary Berg’s 1959 Cruiser’s Commander 302 with It “Dock Buster” Mercury standing tall in the foreground. Tim Mason’s 1939 Century Deluxe Utility Sedan “Relic” in the background.


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Robert & Rich Hegy’s Glen L Zip with Colleen Hogan and Helen Petran’s ’64 Chris Craft Sea Skiff in the background


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Charles & Elizabeth Shong are ready to go fishin’. Peter Harken’s “Lady Hawk” a 1984 Hacker Craft in the background


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.58.27 PM

Wil and Mary Vidal’s 1940 Utility 22 “In the Mood” is ready to blow it’s horn


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.58.34 PM

The Hackcraft shows it’s windsheilds and gauges.


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.58.47 PM

Rick & Coco Roy’s ’39 Custom


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.58.55 PM

Bob Stoltz & Mary Walters showed their ’46 Custom


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.59.02 PM

Jack Schneiberg’ ’51 Century Imperial Sportsman with a’57 Mark 55


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.59.11 PM

John & Erin Fischer brought their 1936 Chris Craft Model 511


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.59.18 PM

George Plamondon’s 1937 Custom


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.59.25 PM

Norton Boat works showed their custom wood working skills on this new “old” Chris Craft. Mark Dniloff’s 1957 Homebuilt “She Said Yes” in the background


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.59.49 PM

I can gaurantee that this will wake you up. Feature Boat was John & Amy Zea’s 1924 Hacker designed race boat with it’s 1918 Liberty V12. The boat is Vogler Boy V


Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.59.57 PM

Vogler Boy went out for quite a few spectator runs.

John & Amy Zea’s Vogler Boy V was giving rides in the afternoon. The comments from the returning passengers were illuminating. Karl Johns in the picture above (back cockpit) was actually moved to tears he was so taken with experience. The many kids who got a turn were ear to ear grins. Several other adults had to go sit down  once ashore so their knees would steady. The sound was magnificent. The sight amazing.

Our event always closes with an Honor Guard Ceremony to give tribute to the Armed Services and all those in Law Enforcement in our community.  The show ends with a “Flyover” by vintage aircraft. I’ll tell you that the P51 that came in low and rattled the windows and the treetops was pretty special.
This special show features the boats, vintage classic cars, Big Wheel Bicycles, model boats, and a Plien Art Fair with artists on the waterfront painting the boats. Beer & Wine, Brats and corn rounded out the picture this year. Live music is also on sight.


Thanks to fellow Woody Boater Jack Schneiberg for letting us all have some fun today! This is what its all about..

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  1. John Baas
    John Baas says:

    Nice coverage, Jack. Thanks to the skippers at the show for awarding our 1955 Correct Craft Atom Skier Best Preserved-Most Original at the show.

  2. Brian Flaherty
    Brian Flaherty says:

    It makes me very happy to see Vogler Boy was purchased by someone who really uses her.

    Great event coverage! Looks like a fun event!

  3. Grant Stanfield
    Grant Stanfield says:

    The Norton Boat Works custom ‘tribute’ boat has an interesting story:

    It’s a post-war 17′ Chris-Craft hull that was partially completed when they decided to re-power with a taller, modern marine engine- they would have needed to put an obnoxious crown in the deck to make space for the engine, so after some thought, they re-created this circa-1930 ‘tribute’ double-cockpit runabout, with its raised coamings and engine hatches, to solve the problem beautifully. I guess it’s what you’d call a ‘resto-mod’?

    Alex Watson referred to an authentic 1930 boat like this at the recent Hessel, MI classic boat show as a ‘Model 99’ and I’ve seen earlier WB stories about this small-scale model- here’s another shot of the Norton recreation (currently for sale BTW):

    • Moses Lafountaine
      Moses Lafountaine says:

      I have the same 99 frame # 14514 In restoration , 8 yrs., and counting. All wood is intact and scraped, and ready Smiths. All bright work completed , engine not so good. Poured bearings is giving a fair amount of trouble. Any way good seeing another 99, which there a very small number of and just the right size 17 + !!!!
      Moses Lafountaine AKA Red……..

  4. Rabbit
    Rabbit says:

    Great pics. Gotta love Wisconsin. I may live in Minnesota, but every weekend I cross the border into “God’s Country.” That’s why my registration starts with “WS.”

    Hope the fundraiser was big success.

  5. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    Looks like a GREAT show.

    Does anyone know why the name “Vogler Boy V” is painted at a rise toward the bow or is it just an optical illusion?

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