Is It Okay To Go Out On Your Boat During This Time?


I’ll just stand on my boat out here in the marsh, is that okay?

It’s was announced yesterday that boating in many counties of Florida is now banned-ish! Ramps and Marinas are to be closed. This will of course happen all over as the weather warms up. So you will no doubt have questions and an inner conflict. Here are some things to consider. I have used our favorite models to make the point. hey, this can be somewhat fun if we try.

But, I want a boat ride.. It’s just me..

WARNING, this is one of those questions that has only really one right answer, but as confusing as it is, rationally also has another. Confused? Ya, so am I. Here are the arguments for both.

Well this bites

YES IT’S OKAY – Whats the difference between being trapped in your house? Going on a walk? Or going out on your boat. NOTHING. In fact if its just you, and your partner in crime. The chances of walking up next to someone and or touching something infected are very low. As in possibly ZERO. Your chance of sinking, blowing up, drowning, run over.. are far far greater. If fact we did that very thing this weekend.

Leave me alone. I am going to just lay here alone

NO, DON’T BE A DOUCHE! –  This part has a little less rational reasoning. And is all about emotion and working together.  As in it’s not about you catching it, it’s about others. It’s about staying home and away from possibly spreading this. The current fact is, assume you have it. But that’s me, each of us has different feelings about things. I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings..on purpose. And now possibly be partially to blame for them being sick.

Go boating in your barn

WHAT ABOUT LOCATION? – This is kinda different in different parts of the country. And how you are using the boat. IF you are living on your boat, then that’s your house. If you work as a watermen, or Coast Guard etc, well ya gotta work, and we need Seafood. Since there is little Hamburger in the Grocery store.

Take an ink clot babe with you

A POSSIBLE SOLUTION.- If you go out, just you and your spouse, partner whatever. Dog.. Don’t be zipping about waving. Just go out for you. Your inner peace. Offer to help with your boat. Take groceries by boat. Use take out from your local food place, they need business. Your boat delivering groceries and other things to help by water, can be a wonderful thing. In other words, if your boat is your transportation, that’s fine. If you are going out and gonna recreate Jobby Nooner. You’re a douche!

It could be worse.

A BETTER SOLUTION – Work on your boat, this is a fantastic time to varnish, clean, tune up, all the things you dont have time for, now you do. STAY IN YOUR BARN, GARAGE, BOATHOUSE.

Stay clean, and help

HELP OTHERS – Across, wait.. AROUND the globe we are all in this together. Think of others first. And think about the impact this is going to have emotionally and financially of all of us.

I miss those guys already! NEXT YEAR!

FOR THOSE OF US THAT PAID THE SUNNYLAND GROUP FRO THE SHOW AND HAD TO CANCEL. DONATE THE MONEY YOU WOULD HAVE SPENT TO THEM. DON’T BE A DOUCHE AND ASK FOR A REFUND. I spoke to Terry  a couple days ago. To quote him ” Cancelling a show is far harder than putting one on” Imagine all the crap that had to be unraveled. Imagine the stranded investment made to go. I felt this in a small way here even at WoodyBoater, as did many of the vendors that were about to show up. This is a week long event for many that work the show as well as enjoy it. So this is the time to buy parts from them.



Sunnyland Chapter, ACBS
PO Box 689
Mount Dora Florida 32757


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  1. Gary Van Tassel
    Gary Van Tassel says:

    Not sure where you got info. I am in Florida. The ban varies county by county. We went boating yesterday and sailing on Friday. Stopped by Silver Glen Springs yesterday that was little nuts! We didn’t hang around much. Mini St Johns’s River cruise. BTW passed a number law enforcement boats

  2. Scott M Ales
    Scott M Ales says:

    At this time, I believe the recreational boating ban is a few counties only thus far. Palm Beach is the most recent. Miami-Dade was the first. The typical issue where a few ruin it for the masses. People were creating flotillas by rafting together multiple boats then posting on social media.


  3. Matt
    Matt says:

    The news just broke. Yes, county by county. The real issue is trying to stop the group boating events.

  4. Troy in FL
    Troy in FL says:

    Out on the water this weekend and the Dora Canal was very busy. We did see some rafting groups both on Lake Dora and on Lake Harris. Most of the boats were in small groups with sufficient distance between them.

    Personally I was more concerned that many of these people were swimming in Gator infested waters than about COVID-19. Odds are probably just as good that they will become lunch.

  5. warren
    warren says:

    My work station for varnishing hatch-boards yesterday.
    Of course y’all know varnishing is a Zen-like therapy for the soul!
    Today, oil and water pump impeller change….self-quarantine on the boat!

  6. clay c thompson
    clay c thompson says:

    well, if you go boating, remember our first responders are busy, as are the hospitals. no need to add to the problem from boat accidents, maybe that is the reason for the ban? oh, and just a note here, maybe a good time to put up some sheet rock on that boat shop ceiling???? i would come help, but too far to drive, i can supervise from here though.

    • Jim Staib
      Jim Staib says:

      The airport is on the other side of the lake from me. The frozen one. You could walk across it but I will come get you as long as you are helping.

  7. Jeff Funk
    Jeff Funk says:

    Boating is open for business on the Harris chain of lakes…as of this morning. Sunday was a zoo on Lake Dora, more boats than I’ve ever seen prior. Part of the ample activity IMO is there’s nothing else to do. It was good to see so many families together having fun in their boat, PWC, sailboat…or whatever else floats. We plan to boat today and tomorrow as well, providing it’s still legal.

  8. Bob Murdock
    Bob Murdock says:

    Can we get a list of the vendors who were to be at Mt. Dora and contact information so that we can email and buy online?
    I always have multiple weak spots for more stuff and maybe we can get a few bucks rolling to help mitigate a total loss?
    We all know Jimmy Staib but not necessarily all the others???
    I’ve got my credit card standing by………….

  9. Bilge Rat
    Bilge Rat says:

    Great so in addition to being cooped up in the house and working remotely, I have to look forward to sitting in the boat at my shop and saying vroom, vroom for relaxation. I will do my part in obeying the social distancing, but I won’t like it.

    At least I will be more fuel efficient.

  10. Briant
    Briant says:

    Some of us are lucky as hell….we are healthy, have the time and resources to do jack squat but to apply six or seven coats of varnish over the next two weeks. First coat went on yesterday….

  11. Briant
    Briant says:

    Oh, and HEY TROY! Check this out!

    With the closing of a local strip club and the fact that the women do not qualify for unemployment, the owner now employs his staff of dancers, waiters, security and bar tenders by opening up….”BOOBER EATS”.

    They will deliver their various food tidbits with some, uh…tit bits.

    Gotta love the American entrepreneurial spirit!

  12. Jack Lynett
    Jack Lynett says:

    Great idea to donate the savings we got by cancelling the hotel and travel costs. I sent my check. Anyone else ?

  13. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    I have been alternating between home and boat….distancing at both. Got one coat of varnish one and then weather went to hell…got to be safer living on a boat that almost anywhere…I am going back and Going Boating….
    John in Va.

  14. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    Wanted to let you know there was a lady on the Century Boat Club facebook page that was wondering what to do with a bunch of gallons of varnish and such… I mentioned to her to donate it to her neighborhood WoodyBoater.

  15. Ed
    Ed says:

    This is the way to social distance. Spending more time aboard the old girl while the plague runs its course. At 73 years old she’s been through a lot.

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