Karma And Classic Boating!

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I am a firm believer in karma. Good and bad. If you put out good karma, it comes back. Of course if you do it to receive it, it will not work. It needs to be in your soul. I am always surprised in how it delivers back, and that’s part of the fun. And in the end, why I named my latest boat Betsy as many of you know…. Thanks Chad..
While on my way home from Clayton, I stopped by the Black Beauty story we did  Futura near Syracuse NY.

The Futura in all her perky splendor

I had told the guy that I would help find a home for her, and that’s what I promised. Also a fellow Woody Boater asked for me to take a look. I needed to get home quickly because I had a work issue, but a promise is a promise. So on we went.. I met the guy and BAM! we all hit it off from the get go, he is a sign painter and car / boat nut.. We went all through the boat and talked about how he can sell it.. donate it.. pay someone to haul it away….whatever. As the conversation went on he kept asking what I needed out of this. A percentage? Why was I helping, what was my motivation… I just told him, my mission was to find a good home. Period. No money or anything, this is a nice boat that needs a nice home… As we went on he asked me what sorts of boats I had.. I said I have a this and that.. and just got a cruiser like this.. but its a 1958 Connie 28 feet. He lit up.. Walked me over to some papers and said.. Here its yours.. I don’t need it, and if you want it it’s yours.. A spec sheet for my boat and the Equipment catalog for it. I was speechless…

That catalog changes a ton of stuff for me. I know what sort of chairs to get, compass, colors, what some of the things are that I have.. Like AM radio interference shields? What the?  Anyway.. That was the karma moment. I had needed that brochure.. big time…been looking… So here was the karma moment coming back in a fun and interesting way. It wasn’t about money, fame… It was the correct thing for the correct gesture… And I got a new pal out of the deal, so I am still way ahead… So, if you find yourself in a moment where you can get greedy. Don’t.. In this hobby.. it’s all karma… paying forward.. what ever you call it,  and if you can’t just do the right thing to be good.. do it for the goodies…

And a bonus new boat babe! Woohooo!
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    Yup. That's a fine "He who" . . . all good thing comes to He who . . .[treats others the way he would like to be treated, etc.]

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