Life Is Simpler In Woody Boaterville

McCall’s Boater Babe Cover for 1911.. That turtle neck must have been quite the contoversy

If you have been following the now death match voting pissing contest going on at Boating Magazine you will see that over night 20,000 votes were added to both Miss Chris Craft and Miss Sea Ray.. All fun I suppose, this is not secret military documents being leaked… But it did strike me that as much fun as it is to play along.. I do miss a nice illustration, and the part where my imagination is involved. Don’t get me wrong, Miss Chris Craft is nice.. So is Miss Sea Ray… and for sure Miss Donzi.. who now looks better even though she is getting buried in a sea of social media voting. Whats fun here… is not looking at the boat babes anymore, it’s the involvement.. And that is why drawings are best.. They are not real, nor do they pretend to be. They are what these images are.. Fantasies.. No one did it better than Gil Elvgren, in our book..

Gil Elvgren, pin up.

 They have it all, beauty, and history. And a way of looking at things in a blurry reality. No voting online, no borderline porn.. Just good fun.. For me, it’s chicks no longer clicks.

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    HMMMMM, I imagine it would be pretty easy to train a dog to do that. Hey honey I've finally agreed to get the kids a puppy!

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