New Zealand Takes A Hit, The Middle East Is In Turmoil..Again…Wisconsin and Ohio In Protest Hell, It’s Woody Boat Babe Time!


One very cool decal with Boat babe, and a hat! If ya lick this to stick it on your car.. Is that strange? Ya, I thought so to... She is from Michigan, one of our favorite summer places.. I won't even talk about what ever that is that she is sitting on. I Pray its a lake!

All around Woody Boaterville bad news is at the top of the list. A deadly earth quake in New Zealand…Phil is OK by the way. The Middle East revolutions have oil spiking.. of course.. And a labor battle in the mid west is underway. Don’t turn on CNN today if you want to stay in your bubble.. OH and it snowed again.. So… What can we do here at Woody Boater?  BOAT BABES of course! Luscious 2 dimensional ink clotted boat babes.. Just sniff that ink! OK that’s a tad weird..

Don't look to close.. Its just ink dots.. Just let your imagination fill it in.. OH, and don't think about the fact that she looks scared stiff and thinks she is going to die when she falls off the engine cover..

Thanks to some fellow Woody Boaters Allen Willey and David Konick who have sent in some of their stash. We can just sit in front of our screens and wish winter away.. If that’s not enough, you can also click on the banner on the left and generate the power of facebook and try.. It’s guaranteed to work…eventually. If Spring does not beat us to the punch.. Happy Tuesday.. Just 30 days til Lake Dora.. Ahhhhhh Woohoooo…

She is thinking..One day I will be on a web site and saving the planet from world destruction... Wait.. She really is.. Its like a beauty pageant answer come true..

I am sure they are not talking about how un rest in the middle east is causing fuel to spike to $5 a gallon.. That's about the only thing I am sure they are not talking about. They may be smelling gas though..

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      • Patrick
        Patrick says:

        It’s a thought, Rick, but let’s not waste the power of “the babe” on something as ridiculous as the Obama health care plan. Wood boats? Absolutely!!!!!

    FRANCHINI says:

    Amazing how your little “blog” projects pulls us all together. Normally, I hear about destruction in other parts of the world and don’t really give it much thought. This morning when news of the quake in NZ came in the first thing I thought was “I hope Phil is alright!” Good to hear he is safe and still awaiting his Palamino.

    • Texx
      Texx says:

      Brian, Late last night as the news was coming in about the earth quake in NZ we sent Philip an e-mail. He responded with the good news that he and his family were OK. Phil said…

      “We live in Wellington which is on the southern tip of the north island of NZ about 300 miles from Christchurch. Normally we might feel a shake from here but not this time. Truly a terrible thing.”

      Great news Phil!

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