Real Boat Babes… Kinda!

After visiting countless shows this year, there was a theme with some classic boat lovers… There girlfriends were rather stiff…. I suppose that way they never age, nag, or complain that you smell like gas… I imagine that secretly while you are off showing your boat there is a plastic man at home mowing the lawn, cooking and painting the bathroom….

The one standing is actually real… Really, I saw her move..
Is it just me, I actually looked…. Dang, it’s hard wired I suppose..
Actually this was a very nice addition to the boat. She was only about 10 inches tall….. No jokes please.
At least this one was put to work… Hey hon… can you drag the trailer over here… and pop me a sud wouldya!
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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    Install a small camera behind her eye and you have hidden boat security. You may have bolt or chain her to something so someone does not steal her.

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