Tahoe Sausage Day, Ahhh Come On, You Knew It Was Gonna Happen.


Okay, who is driving?

Yes, there are a ton of other shows that happened out there. But we would be remiss without a Sausage Day from Lake Tahoe. Now we are also going to include stuff that happened while reporting on the show. Needless to say my brain was been ripped apart via email with all the cool stuff. So here goes. Grab some eggs and Toast with your Coffee varnish. Its sausage time!

Lots O’ testure on that dash

Hey, buddy, ya you on the phone.. Look to your left.

Great name

No one driving, no one sitting. AHHHHHH!

No matter how many times I see this work of art, it still takes my breath away

Steve Marini and his best of show Riva.. Why did it win.. THE KEY CHAIN! God is in the details.. And the shirt.

The setting

You so need this. A Riva model and watch.

Phil Andrews sees the fun in Tahoe

Phil and the Captain of Thunderbird


Fun folks that made the day great – Photo boat captain

At the helm of Thunderbird

A Crafty Dog!

Partay on the Ledo deck

Just when you think it’s all old boats, this electric thing is there.

Oh, you wanted to know more about that new boat? Here ya go. Out of Minnesota CLICK HERE

Steve at the camera, or behind it.

Plastic Century goodness. Its just not all jaw droppers there, although, I have to say, I love this little gas sucker

Winner of the best speedometer

Fantastic sign, fantastic place!

The showroom at Sierra Boat Company

Love the racer

Will Avocado ever be hip again? YES! LOVE!

Guess who took all the Century photos?

Momma Mia that’s a nice interior..

The Sierra sneak

Dream shed – Sierra Boat Co

Oh! Man O Man O ManOman! This must be tapping into some sort of fetish thing. Or maybe the serial killer in me is coming out, cause this boat under wraps is one cool boat. You just want to sloooowly peel away the painters tape, and let a soft breeze blow the thing plastic wrap off, exposing the ever so polished skin. OH, help me!

And a wonderful shot of the Tahoe Museum. Hey Bob Kays! Tell Wayne we found his boat!

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  1. Bob Kays
    Bob Kays says:

    Not only did you find Wayne’s boat, the “Godfather”, it has museum quality wicker sisters! When Wayne sold it, Chris Crsft hull #6, some nice person donated it to the Tahoe museum.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    I am sure it will change soon, but currently I am still looking at yesterdays header and you have some great choices for a sausage day header to pick from.

  3. Duster
    Duster says:

    That ‘ Plastic Century’ named Tweeter is actually a 1964 ‘plywood’ Century Ski Dart with plenty of power ( Ford Intercepter 180 HP V8 ) and vinyl decks. These were entry level ski boats back in the day. Its a lifelong Tahoe boat owned by Dale and Donna Renolds.

    • m-fine
      m-fine says:

      The predecessor to the awesome Century Cheetah which was fiberglass and came in a most excellent shade of avocado.

  4. Brian Robinson
    Brian Robinson says:

    While I miss seeing Texx at Tahoe, it was nice to see Phil Andrews there. The blonde on the deck of the 27’ Chris triple is Captain Dan (Danielle) from the Tahoe Maritime Center. She was operating that boat as a ride boat for three days during the show. She must get marriage proposals on a daily basis. She is impressive.

  5. Johnny V.
    Johnny V. says:

    Nice closeup of Mary Bryte’s dash with the twin gauge panels. (along with all the other pics!)

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