Ta”Virus” Update, Tents Are Pitched!


Oh I am ready!

As promised we will keep everyone in the loop on things happening on Lake Dora. So here goes. Races are this weekend. Hey, Corona is less dangerous than that, that’s for sure. And more fun to watch than the news. Tents are up, and as of today, a GO!  They are not oblivious to all this. They are having meetings and more meetings. This is a very good and responsible group.

That’s an original roll of toilet paper on Bill Macs 24 Sportsman time capsule. I wonder if its like a fine wine now?

Terry and the Sunnyland gang are going all out to make the event as safe as possible. This group is run like a German sewing machine, only they are ALL AMERICAN.

Ya, I have a TP thing. Not kidding. In fact its a huge part of our companies culture. NOT KIDDING, this is a wall of 500 rolls.

The wall! We even just did a story on it. HERE

Now,  I am not tone deaf to the current situation. The reasons for closing stuff is so the virus is not spread. And healthcare systems cant handle the over load. So shutting down large gatherings is the way to slow down the spread. Look online, it’s all over the place, and I apologize for it here. Even Disney just closed, and you will see more of this in the days to come.  THIS IS, on peoples minds, since I am getting calls, emails and texts. And here is my reasoning for going. it’s no question the Gate will be down. And let’s really be objective, it’s not like our little universe is all that big. Hell, even on a good day, it not like a Star Trek convention.

But I get it. And we should all be as safe as possible, and do our part to not spread this crap.  PLEASE : If you are sick, stay home, if you are old, stay home, if you have pre existing conditions, stay home,  OH, wait.. OH god, I just described our entire community. WE NEED MORE YOUNG PEOPLE! WE WILL BE REPORTING LIVE SO YOU CAN BE THERE VIRTUALLY. Yes I am risking whats left of my pathetic life for you.

NOW – Speaking of Tents Pitching – And now because I am sure you all are tired of this crap.. I give you Something new. –  Troys Comment babes! A collection of some of Troys most recent comment babes.


Not sure this was Troy, but thats okay


No idea what this comment was about, but do you care?

Hey! I cant seem to forget about the Corona thing..


Troy is at least open minded – BTW, I am down another 3 lbs.

Okay, I am done.. On a low note. DON’T BLAME ME.. I like sausage. And she must like sausage, and well. AHHHH, my brain hurts. This is so wrong, yet here we are.. Just click away. Go..

*To the poor unfortunate one women that is here shaking your head. Sorry. And here.


Hot! At least that’s what I think you think. I see a boat hat and wood

Brads a boater

Anyone in a Sons Of Varnish Shirt

I know my prop is somewhere down here.

Let’s go! I need to get home and feed the puppy , do the dishes, and vacuum the house for my Sick grandma.


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  1. Jay Arnold
    Jay Arnold says:

    You can have my drink tickets.
    We have made the decision we will not be there this year. I hope y’all have a good time stay safe.

  2. Troy in ANE
    Troy in ANE says:

    One thing that NO one seams to be mentioning is that all the cautions are mostly about congregating at INDOOR events!

    Heck even our tents are out in the open air.

    Since Matt is posting my pics I will have to post one of his. Still one of my favorite headers!

  3. John Rothert
    John Rothert says:

    don’t be bold so I’ve been told
    since you’re old crawl in a hole

    Troy is going…will be towing

    I may be chicken but still be kicking

    I’d be lying to say i’m flying

    hey, this virus may inspire us

    though 20 years a Dora vet
    I Going Boating..just not yet

    John , stayin, in Va

  4. Gene Oldster
    Gene Oldster says:

    I was warned that I may have unknown “underlying conditions” so pulled the plug on tomorrows tow from New Hampshire. Actually I was turned off by the prospect of constantly watching my step and looking over my shoulder for sick people while wearing gloves for two weeks in 80 degree sunshine and was also intimidated by friends and family who were genuinely alarmed for my health and sanity

  5. Matt
    Matt says:

    Regarding the Indoor vs Outdoor thing. It’s all about density of the space you are in. Its a person to person thing. if you are in a room with two people, vs an outdoor space with a bazillion people, the outdoor thing is worse. I will add, that at this event, with all this information, density will most likley not be a an issue. I will say, I wont shake hands to protect you, I wont sneeze on you, lick you, or rub you with Chicken on a stick fat either. Not that any of this has happened before. That you can prove.

  6. Up North Boys
    Up North Boys says:

    In my youth, I drank Everclear, Jungle Juice from a garbage can and made moonshine/liquor with my KY relatives.
    I also grew up in a foundry and machine shop.
    You think I’m going to let another miserable little virus from China named after some cheap beer take me out?
    Unless they lock us down, ban any kind of domestic travel or cancel the show, my butt will be in FL.
    And what the hell is up with hoarding TP? Are you gonna become more regular in the morning or something?

  7. CenturyMike
    CenturyMike says:

    Matt et al, you all did it again brothers! I laughed so much reading all this. Then sadly read that some folks won’t make it but that’s okay and understandable. It’s in my back yard so, I am going unless I start sniffling or sneezing between now and then. Can’t put a pic up right now as my sweetheart of 40 yrs may not appreciate it…. but did enjoy all of yours 🙂 Remember just like 31 of the NFL teams tell themselves at the end of every season…. “There’s always next year!”

  8. Gene Oldster
    Gene Oldster says:

    Next year in Tavares!


    Its not Jerusalem, Havana, or even Marienbad, but it will meet our need.

  9. Not Troy R Turbo
    Not Troy R Turbo says:

    As a public service announcement…if you beach your boat (or are looking for a place to park your bicycle), please be extra cautious as many colleges are on extended spring break.

  10. Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P )
    Mark in Ohio (sometimes da U P ) says:

    Just keep everything clean. And as I have been saying. Drink Corona 🌴🚤

  11. Wilson
    Wilson says:

    Guess, we won’t be there this year…Just got to thinkin’. I turned 90 last month and I guess that’s old…so if old people ought not to go, I guess I’ll stay home, See you next year. …

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