The Bristol Palin Effect Works For Chris Craft

Keep Boating and Keep Voting..  Image from Boating Magazine

Two days ago we featured Amanda the Chris Craft girl in the Boating Magazine 1st Annual Swim Suit Edition. We wanted to show our support to our brothers… and sister…. over at the Chris Craft Antique boat Club and toss her some votes… Holy Crap! When the story broke, she had 44 votes.. The leader,the Donzi gal was ahead  by a mile 1,200 votes.. The next was in the 400 range.. This morning.. our Chris Craft Gal Amanda hit over 3000…. because of you and a bunch of Chris Craft nerds.. Me included.. Amanda zoomed her way into the lead.. In one day.. Although last night there was a moment when the Donzi gal went into the lead by 10 votes.. And then pow.. Amanda took off again… And she is still going full throttle.. Way to go.. Way to show the power of The Boat Buzz and Woody Boaters, and the Chris Craft name.. And of course huge thanks to Amanda’s gene pool… Keep up the voting.. Here ya go again.. Vote often! Vote Amanda! Vote here!

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  1. Greg
    Greg says:


    I think you should bring Amanda with you to the boat shows next Summer so she can thank us personally. I'd even be willing to give her a boat ride!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    Ahead by 147 votes but it looks like Donzi is also posting some numbers today. Keep it up! As for Amanda coming to some of the shows we'll need a plan to distract her husband. A LEGAL plan guys! LOL

  3. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Amanda is a stay home Mom while she's not modeling. If she comes to a boat show it might need to be a family vacation plan and you'll need at least 3 seats for them.

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