The First Taste Of Fall Hits Woodyboaterville… Is It That Time?


The Woody boatress, out driving Suzy this weekend.. It's feeling like sweat shirt time! Looks sunny alright, she was freezing..

Gasp! Could it be..Dang, it’s October all ready.. What the hell is that all about.. Aboot for all our Canadian pals..It was in the high 50’s here in the mid Atlantic and I felt it.. Although it did not smell like fall.. The leaves are still somewhat perky.. OK like a 60 year old perky.. But still there.. Now the dance begins.. is this the last weekend?? Is there going to be one last warm day.. Like this weekend we are expecting close to 80.. This is in our area, the best boating time of the year..the water is flat and clear, the skys are amazing, and NO humidity..Rockfish season starts and its Oyster roats galore.. Good times on the Chesapeake Bay… or maybe because we know its all doomed soon.. Near the end..

Man the boat ran like a charm.. Its like it loved it at 65 degrees.. This shot was taken at around 6 PM

As I navigated into the boat house I was ready to go out again, thinking, tomorrow I will spend more time.. Sunday it rained.. And so the dance goes.. Look for Last gasp week in a couple weeks, so take some snaps and get ready.. This year hopefully will be as fun as last..

Pulling into my creek.. Man I wanted to turn around and floor it..

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  1. Rick
    Rick says:

    This year is killing me also. So far 6th wettest on record here, and we still have a couple of months to go. Those drought years were great. Didn’t have to worry about watering the lawn (was illegal) and boating was a go every day.

  2. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    The leaves are turning here already. We do a Fall Classic Cruise every year, it’s scheduled for Oct 22 and we’ll be out on the river all day enjoying the cool air and fall colors. We’re at the confluence of the Illinois and Mississippi Rivers so this year we’re going up the Illinois to a great restaurant (Mel’s in Hardin, IL) for lunch, then back to home ports on Pool 26 on the Mississippi River. It’s a great time to be on the rivers.

  3. Dennis
    Dennis says:

    We had our fall cruise last Satuday here in West Michigan. The Water Wonderland ACBS chapter had around 14 classics cruisin the Hardy Pond of the Muskegon River. It was sunny but very cold, like 42 degrees. AND windy…But with hoodies, and gloves we all had a great cruise to close out the season.
    Luck have it, this week we will have 78 to 80 degree weather for the next eight days. Were was that weather last Satuday?

  4. Alex
    Alex says:

    Heat wave in Hessel. Boats running hot. Everywhere drinks with little umbrellas. They just opened the hydrants. I mean it’s 65 degrees! We can hardly stand it. When oh when will this heat wave break?

  5. Karen Harrison
    Karen Harrison says:

    Paul and I are off to Shuswap Lake this weekend, and even though it will only be around 60 degrees we are considering getting out on the lake for one last cruise in our Sedan. Will try to get some pics to share, rain or shine.

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