The Gull Lake Classic Boat Show Is A Hit! – Again

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Gull Lake 1

“Rocketeer” is a very rare 1948 23-foot Ventnor Boat Company classic powered by twin Greymarine Fireball 145HP engines – owned by Kermit Sutton from nearby Whitefish Lake.

PRIOR TO LEAVING FOR MINNESOTA AND EVEN DURING THE SHOW the standard question we were asked many times was “Texx – Why would you travel 1,200 miles to attend the Gull Lake Classic Boat Show when you will you be returning back to Bar Harbor three weeks later for the 2015 ACBS International?” A fair question with a simple answer.

Gull Lake 2

A view of the interior and dashboard of “Rocketeer” – fresh out of the Freedom Boat Service workshop. You just don’t get to see these every day (unless you are at Gull Lake) – Texx

The 7th Annual Gull Lake Classic Boat Show in late August is one of the premier classic boat shows in the nation and features one of the most diverse ranges of antique & classic boats you will ever see in one place.

Over the last seven years Host John Allen and his team at Bar Harbor have worked hard to put this annual event together, and the show “ticks all the boxes” in terms of what a premier boat show needs to be successful.

– Diversity of Classic Boats – Check
– Top Quality Venue – Check
– Top Quality Docks – Check
– Ramp Access to Gull Lake – Check
– Premium Restaurant & Local Accommodations – Check
– Event Organization & Service – Check
– Happy Participants – Check
– Happy Spectators – Check

Classic boat owners & collectors from Minnesota and western Wisconsin (and surrounding states) support this event which showcases some absolutely stunning boats in a relaxed atmosphere.

Gull Lake 3

The elegantly landscaped and eco-friendly grounds at the Bar Harbor Supper Club on Gull Lake is an ideal venue for a classic boat show. This was shot very early Saturday morning just before the crowds began to pour in to the docks.

The quality of the boats on hand each year is always impressive, and the passion that the owners have is second to none – regardless of the marque, size, age or power. One great example this year is Eric Sandin’s wonderful 1954 12-foot Penn Yan Swift, powered by a perfectly prepared 1954 Johnson 25 HP outboard.

Gull Lake 4

Eric Sandin’s 1954 12-foot Penn Yan Swift.

Gull Lake 5

And the best part, Eric Sandin loves to take the little Penn Yan Swift out for a rip on the lake – and we were there to capture that first hand.

Local collector Lee Anderson brings out a number of his boats for the Gull Lake show from his museum in nearby Nisswa, MN. The Anderson Classic Boats Museum is hosting the popular Scholarship Auction during the ACBS International event in September.

Gull Lake 6

“Mineta” is a beautiful white sided 1917 36-foot Minette displacement launch originally built as the delivery boat for the Cleveland’s house in Muskoka, Ontario, Canada.

Gull Lake 21

The interior of “Royaleze” is spectacular and presented perfectly by the Anderson Classic Boats Museum.

Also from the Anderson Classic Boats Museum is “Rebel” a 1925 Hacker 33′ Custom Runabout. Although it’s fun to shoot “Rebel” from the transom, it’s always important to appreciate the length and scale of the big 33-foot runabout, as shown in the second shot from Gull Lake on Saturday.

Gull Lake 7

“Rebel” returning home to Nisswa Lake on Saturday after the Gull Lake show.

Gull Lake 8

A side view of all 33-feet of “Rebel”.

Every year at Gull Lake we are introduced to another unusual classic boat, this rare 1957 Lone Star aluminum boat stood out in the crowd of boats on Saturday.

Gull Lake 9

Dane Anderson first discovered “VaVay” earlier this year at the Moonlite Bay show in Minnesota. It was great to have the opportunity to see the rare 1964 Chris-Craft 22-foot Cavalier center-consul boat at the Gull Lake show and also to meet her owner Charlie Brown.

Gull Lake 10

We shot this image of “VaVay” as Charlie was waiting at the launch ramp on Saturday after the show ended, so please ignore the fenders. We have a great story of this boat and her recent restoration in Minnesota which will be published early in September. – Texx

“Sea Wolf” – Also from the Anderson Classic Boats Museum is a fantastic 1927 33-foot Baby Gar, one of seven known to exist today. This Baby Gar was delivered to J.F. Eberle of Penn Yan, New York in 1927 and is powered by a Liberty V-12 aero engine. Of the seven Baby Gars known to exist, five live in the Nisswa / Gull Lake area – an impressive fact.

Gull Lake 11

“Sea Wolf” 1927 Liberty V-12 powered Baby Gar.

From the John Allen collection, “Pocahontas” is a stunning 1955 Greavette 26-foot Streamliner.

Gull Lake 12

On Saturday afternoon we had some fun with Andy Anderson as he waited for his ride at the launch ramp on board “IMP” a historic Gold Cup race boat.

Gull Lake 13

Gull Lake 14

Lee Anderson heading home after the show on board “Lockpat II” the legendary 1931 40′ Hacker. Always good to let the big 650 HP Packard V-12 vent after start-up by opening a hatch.

We were planning to do live story from the boat show on Saturday afternoon, but ran into some Internet / WiFi issues and were not able to get the story published on time. We had a request from some viewers for more photos / information on the rare Belle Isle Bear Cat that was at the show. That particular boat is “Horace” a 1925 Belle Isle 30-foot Super Bear Cat model powered by a Hall-Scott Semi-Supercharged LM-6 engine. Here are a few shots (as requested) including a shot of the sign board.

Gull Lake 15

Gull Lake 16

A full length shot of “Horace” at the dock. It’s a little dark as it was shot early in the morning under an overcast sky (sorry).

Gull Lake 17

The Hall-Scott Semi-Supercharged LM-6 engine in “Horace” – very impressive engine.

Our friend and fellow Woody Boater Bruce Olson – Executive Director of the amazing Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum in Alexandria, MN on board “San Souci” a rare 1940 Chris-Craft 23-foot triple cockpit barrelback owned by Carl Mammel.

The Minnesota Lakes Maritime Museum is also hosting a tour during the 2015 Woods & Water / ACBS International pre-events in September. For more information you can check out the 2015 Woods & Water website by Clicking Here.

Gull Lake 18

The 2015 Gull Lake Classic was a fabulous event last weekend. I have never seen so many people on a boat show dock at once as I did this weekend in Bar Harbor. And it was packed all day.

Special thanks to John Allen and his team, we look forward to returning for the Woods & Water & ACBS International in three weeks at Bar Harbor.

Also special thanks to Dave Bortner at Freedom Boat Service who loaned us his 1961 Carver lapstrake for the show. It was a perfect shoot boat.

Dane Anderson was my right-hand man all weekend and also sent me a series of great photos from the Gull Lake show which we will feature this week.


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  1. Matt
    Matt says:

    GREAT REPORT! If you look closely in the little Penn Yan, the details are amazing. The right flash light, tool box, all of it is perfection. Genus is in the details! Congrats.

  2. m-fine
    m-fine says:

    Great coverage as always Texx. So, there are 5 baby gars there, and a sixth is in Hammondsport NY at the Glen Cutis museum. Do you know where the seventh is?

  3. Greg Lewandowski
    Greg Lewandowski says:

    You should have included “top quality boats” on your list. It is also great to see the large number of Michigan and Gravenhurst (Muskoka) boats in the Anderson collection. They are clearly now in good hands!

  4. floyd r turbo
    floyd r turbo says:

    That’s an amazing number of over the top historically significant boats. Great photography Texx and interesting history on Horace. I was under the impression John L. Hacker designed Belle Isle boats but maybe Pouliot just desgned the Super Bear Cats?

    • Dane
      Dane says:

      Those Super BearCats are something to behold. This is from 2013 when there were 3 Super Bearcats at this show.
      Horace is on the left and Sigrid with Hisso power is on the right.

  5. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    What a beautiful glimpse of rarely seen boats. Texx and Dane your photographs are superb! Think I’ll have to add Gull Lake to my bucket list, along with Hessel. Thanks guys!

  6. Speedboat Outlaw
    Speedboat Outlaw says:

    Great job on the story and photos Texx. Makes one want to put that show on your bucket list. I owned Sans Souci at the end of the seventies but restoration was out of reach so s he was sold. She is a beautiful boat today. Matt, you did a great job on CBS, but are you sure there are no fiberglass trees?

    • Greg Lewandowski
      Greg Lewandowski says:

      John, that is really neat. I suspected from the name that it may have once been a Harsens Island boat, but knowing it was once yours makes it something special.

    • Charlie Martin
      Charlie Martin says:

      Yahp nowadays we halve fibahglass trees sprinkled all about tha great noth woods. Locals call em cell trees.
      Nohman would have otha words for em , probably would not use em even if he was sinkin in purgatory cove!

  7. Ron - Seattle
    Ron - Seattle says:

    Nice job Texx! Really like that Hall-Scott!
    I assume most if these will be at the international meet too?
    Something to look forward too!
    Hey WB friends, I need two tix to the Friday night auction at Andersens place, pretty please! Anyone have extras?

  8. Mark Moser
    Mark Moser says:

    1968 Resorter FG. MO Ozarks. Great segment on CBS yesterday morning. After seeing the story I went out and waxed my boat. M&M

  9. Wylie
    Wylie says:

    So many beautiful boats, perfect follow up report to the national exposure. Sure is a fun place to hang out.

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