Woodys For Boobies Walk Gets Started With Uniforms!


The Woody Boatress, Suzy wearing the Woodys For Boobies official uniform.. I quote.." There is no way in hell I am wearing that dumb hat" I suppose it's OK to be seen on line with it though... HA.. Jokes on her! Maybe a huge donation would sway her..

The team is getting all it’s ducks in a row.. the special team pink shirts are ready, and the fleece vests all embroidered ready to show the world that we are all in this together..The team here leaves for NYC Friday ready to walk there skin off..Raising now over close to $17,000, WOW.. Congrats to the team.. Kim Kadimik is ahead of Suzy Smith by just 4 bucks.. Can you make the difference..with a last gasp donation? Their goal is $20,000.. So close.. Regardless a massive number raised for an incredible cause.. You can donate your big over the top donation here..WoodysForBoobies.com  And remember there is no more team donation, so you have to pick a team member.. But Suzy is wearing a hat for the right amount!

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  1. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Suzy, you look great! I know you all will have a fabulous time in NYC for a wonderful cause. Woodys for Boobies WooHOO!

  2. Rick
    Rick says:

    A great cause and the weather this weekend will be wonderful Sat and Sun. A couple of my staff members will be participating also. No special uniforms for them though, will have to hide todays blog from them. Suzy, wear the hat.

  3. ARRRGH! and Pumpkin
    ARRRGH! and Pumpkin says:

    Great cause! Great kudos for the participants! And, Suzy, while I think you look really terific in your Woody Boater hat, I donated toward Natashia meeting her goal – gotta encourage the kids! Woo Hoo! GO GIRLS! (That’s politically correct, because anyone younger than me is still a girl! HA!)

  4. Trisha
    Trisha says:

    Thanks to Woody Boater for all your support and for being the best sponsor ever! We hope to make you proud and make it all the way to the finish line. Go Woody’s for Boobies!

  5. Rich Marschner
    Rich Marschner says:

    That’s a stylin’ uniform the “Woodys for Boobies” team has, you look great Suzy. And wear what makes your head feel comfy, since your dogs may be barking by the end of the walk!

    Wiley & Rich=

  6. Al Benton
    Al Benton says:

    Congratulations team! The uniforms look great. Suzy, best to wear the hat, helps explain the “Woodys for Boobies” team title a bit and you’re too cute in it. Have fun in NYC!

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