10 DAYS! The Official Countdown To Lift Off The Trailer In On!

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Bring Sun Screen!

Are you ready? No? Me either. One would think with 5, FIVE boats one would be ready. Stinky is getting over a winter cough.. Wont start. I am sure it’s something dumb. Won’t even crank now. Yes Battery is fine. WECATCHEM is headed North for a refresh, The Cavalier is still in limbo, And I aint bringing Sweet Pea, would have to have left last year… and an hr.. So? Boats? There are enough around here to make something happen. So, in celebration of the big 10 days countdown.. Photos of Dora over the years. Ahhhh, Bask in the heat of it all.

The Dora canal with Woody Gal, and I think? That’s Larry!

Thayer IV and Mariah giving rides

Like watching a ping pong ball!

Oh hell ya! That was insane

The Boatress being a prop!

Miss Step before she was Miss Step

Bert you dog! As I recall I about peed myself after I got this shot. It was the first real photo

Suzy, now Scarlet getting ready!

Aristocrafts RULE, yes even plastic ones

Mark Mason!

We are all of one mind when we are there. PEACE AND LOVE! And a tow rope

LARRY! He is alive and well in Woodyboaterville.

Lil Cruisers make it, you sure can


RIP old docks!

Baby party!


Dora Canal

Folks visit from all over.

Sea Planes and Flamingo Pink! FLA gold


Dont forget your camera

Palm Gardens on the Dead River! Reminder, Bring Lipitor

Chomping up some wood!

Karen Harrison at the helm!




Quiet lunch with good friends from all over the US and Texas too!

Sunrise photos!

Hours well burned

Even when it rains its great!

There is this thing where your face relaxes and just opens up. I think its called a smile. I cant recall. Photos help

You mean not everything is brown, grey and cold? mmmmmm


Florida Proud

New T shirts

New Fashion things

New friends.. Strange friends, but hey, its Florida

I could look at this photo for hours and never get over it.

Just hanging out is fun!

Remember, its Florida. Comes with its own special style!

Come as you are!


We will have a week of fun Lake Dora stuff as we countdown! WOOOHOOOO!



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  1. Old Salt
    Old Salt says:

    Doesn’t it “stink” that can’t even get Stinky to turn over! And what a “gas” it would be if you got Stinky running for the show! My suggestion is that you should “Jimmy” with the electrical connections!

    Enough puns for this morning. Good Luck Matt!

  2. Jaxon
    Jaxon says:

    WOO HOO!! 10 days of freedom. Sleep all day and howl all night. Wait a minute, I already do that. I hear there will be green beer soon, I’m ready for that!!

  3. Dennis Mykols
    Dennis Mykols says:

    I am just chompin at the bits to hit the road early this Thursday morning, for a long weekend with my son Dan’s family in Charleston, S.C. We will do some boating there on his Whaler, and a lot of eating at all those great Charleston restaurants.
    Then Wednesday I hit the road onto Taravers.
    No boat so with me this trip, so I am STILL looking to hook up with somebody for the Friday ride over to the Picnic.
    It’s been a long, cold winter here in West Michigan, and I am ready to be …”On the road again”.

  4. briant
    briant says:

    Wait….WECATCHEM is getting a refresh? Didn’t you just do a refresh of some sort just last year??

    That kinda stinks with Stinky. I don’t mothball Zoomer or put her to bed for the winter. I try at least once a month to put her butt in the water at the ramp, start her up, let her run for awhile and even engage the prop at idle just to keep everything up and running. Come Spring, there are no surprises.

  5. Gail Turner
    Gail Turner says:

    Fun pictures….and always fun times! We, too, are already in “get ready” mode! Rather grateful we can leave here before the sunrise and be there in time for a late lunch! Bill and I were 32 years old our first year there….yikes!

  6. WoodyGal
    WoodyGal says:

    Oh what fun! Will miss all of you…I’m headed to the sunny warmth of Austin to visit Cousin Larry’s daughter and family! I’ll be thinkin’ about y’all going boating!

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